Monday, April 4, 2011

Twas the Night Before Surgery...

Today has been a more challenging day... it began at 2:00 am. I woke up in a lot of pain from my muscles and joints. I couldn't go back to sleep despite pain medicine, so I just sat up and stretched and prayed. After a while, I opened my blinds - I have an awesome view from my windows. There was a ton of lightening and thunder! I watched the storm roll in! It also sort of explains why I was hurting so bad with the sudden pressure change! I wasn't able to go back to sleep at all, but I just kept praying for people and thinking on God's Word and singing songs to myself while watching the lightening!

Dr. Saturday came in and told me that my white count has gone back up again. I started spiking a fever this morning, and that has stayed with me for most of the day. The doctors are a little concerned that I'm having a high temperature while I'm ON powerful antibiotics.

So... the plan for tomorrow afternoon/evening is to do the "exam under anesthesia" - a small, exploratory surgery. That way, Dr. Saturday can see what needs to happen in my pelvis, and he can get cultures from the abscesses. Then, they can target my antibiotics better. It's a win-win situation... if I end up NOT needing more surgery after tomorrow, they can give me better antibiotics. If I DO end up needing more surgery, they can hopefully decrease the inflammation in my pelvis with better antibiotics before surgery. So tomorrow will help determine the next step: more surgery, different antibiotics....

Please pray for relief from pain... I've been off and on pretty uncomfortable today. Also pray for Dr. Saturday to sleep well tonight and to do a good job tomorrow! And pray for peace for my family! Primarily... pray that God will be honored through this situation! I have complete peace about tomorrow and I'm not at all anxious or worried, which I know is from Him! I will try to get my mom to update after surgery tomorrow night!

I've been thinking on I Peter 1 today... God has called us to be born again according to a living hope! Jesus is raised from the dead! I have an inheritance that will not fade away! Because of this, I can rejoice in my trials. I know that as I trust in God, my faith will bring Him glory and honor! And all that is news worthy of abusing exclamation points to express!!!

Hannah ;)

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  1. Praying for you, your family, and your doctors. I have been following your daily blogs. You have been a blessing to me. I am challenged by how you want to honor God though your pain and suffering.