Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pray for Julia! (and two hours of ultrasound)

Please pray for my friend Julia!! She is feeling sick and is going to the hospital for a scope of her J pouch to see if she has pouchitis! Please pray for her to get well soon and have the strength to face this test. Pray that she will keep her eyes fixed on Jesus!

I've been feeling a bit better this week so far! I am working on getting back down to a more reasonable dosage of pain meds while still being relatively comfortable. I'm being careful to get lots of sleep and naps aplenty, and I think that's helping me to deal with pain better. I'm also just adjusting my energy expectations - I just am wiped out and need a ton of rest - the more naps, the better! In happy news, my appetite has completely returned - I am eating like a fat kid! And I haven't touched my nausea medication for days! I eat and (most of the time) I don't feel sick! I'm enjoying being able to enjoy food again. Also, I can no longer see my ribs, so that's a good thing, too. That being said, I'm still hurting a lot in general and having that lower abdominal pain as well as bladder issues. But it's not stopping me from eating! ;)

Dr. Saturday's office was in the doghouse, but yesterday they redeemed themselves by FINALLY returning my calls and scheduling me for an ultrasound. The ONLY day I could do it was today, and they got me an appointment today at an imaging center about 2 miles from my house. Nice! The plan was for me to get the ultrasound, and then come see Dr. Saturday immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, the plan did not take into consideration that the ultrasound might take TWO HOURS. So, I missed my appointment, and Dr. Saturday was going into surgery, so they said he'd call me. Actually, they asked me if I would drive the disc over to them, then he'd call me, but I thought it made a whole lot more sense for me to NOT drive all the way over there to hand them a disc when they will get it electronically by tonight.

Thankfully, the ultrasound (unofficially) didn't show any huge, major issues!! No giant abscesses jumping out or anything. Of course, it (unofficially) showed that I have huge cysts on my ovaries, as always, which makes everyone freak out, but it's just my normal. This is like the 5th or so test that has shown them. They never turn out to be anything bad, and they always go away on their own without a problem. She did see something on my right side that she thought might be an abscess, but I doubt it... I only hurt on the other side! We'll see what the actual report says and what the doctor thinks.

Today, about an hour in to the ultrasound, I had this moment of realization: this is way weird. I'm alone in a room with a stranger, who came in, dimmed the lights, told me to take off my clothes, and she's moving tools covered in gel all over my body. Slightly uncomfortable. Especially so because this technician had this really smooth, soothing (read: slightly creepy) voice. Just an observation. ;) No, really, she was super nice. I was not supposed to eat today for the test (not really sure why...) and I was pretty hungry by the time she was done. She offered me her bag of chips on the way out! ;) I guess she could see that my tummy was completely empty! But I didn't take the chips. Even though we had two hours of bonding time, I still didn't feel like we were on the level where we could share food. ;)

I feel like I'm back in that nebulous zone of this spring - ultrasound doesn't show anything, but I still feel kinda crummy and my labs show infection. The infection was smoldering enough that no one wanted to treat it, but concerning enough that Rheumy couldn't treat my arthritis. And... Monday is my next Rheumy appointment. And since my white count is elevated, I doubt we can make any changes to help the arthritis go into remission. Oh well. "Nebulous" is MUCH better than "surgery needed urgently" because of some huge problem! God is good.

Please pray for me as I continue to walk by faith! Also, I am quitting my job at the end of the month (this has been planned for a few months, so it's not sudden). I was HOPING to have something lined up to start, but I am still waiting. God has graciously provided two fantastic possibilities. I just have to be patient and wait... and then decide which one makes more sense with my health and stamina issues. One's a lot of hours (maybe more than I can handle), but offers amazing health benefits. The other one is a really fun, wonderful situation with fewer hours (maybe too few for financial survival), but no health benefits. Hmm...

Hannah ;)

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