Monday, May 2, 2011

Right Before Dawn

When I went to see Dr Pain last week, I felt AWFUL. SO much pain, and NOTHING was helping. He told me that the darkest hour was right before dawn, and I told him, "Yeah, right." ;) I'm a nice patient. Actually, I asked if he could anesthetize me until morning broke.

Well, I guess he was right. The patch held me over and my pain has come down, even now that the patch has worn off. Oh, yeah, I also got this HORRIBLE flu bug on Friday - like sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, fever, chills, aches, and vomiting. I haven't been so sick from something that's not autoimmune in years! The concern with me is always dehydration and keeping down the steroids... Thankfully, it quickly passed, except for the fact that I have no voice at all! Everyone thinks that's funny!

God is so, so good. I am so incredibly thankful that I am not wanting to crawl out of my skin from pain anymore. My pain is still above my "baseline," but it is SO much better. And He resurrected me in order to have a wonderful weekend filled with friends from far and near. And I got to go back to work today. Last night, I was laying in bed awake just filled with thankfulness. Last Monday night, I was writhing in pain at the hospital... today I went to work. Thank you, Jesus... There is nothing better than being in awful pain and then having relief.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah, I'm so glad your pain is better! You continue to encourage and inspire me!

  2. found it again...yay! I was just putting the hyphen in the wrong place! Love you!