Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Op Update

Many thanks to my mom for her lovely blog after my surgery on Tuesday! Like she said, God has been SO good! I had a few rough hours in recovery, but eventually they got my pain under control, and it has STAYED under control with minimal drugs! I didn't really sleep much the night I had surgery (couple stress doses of IV steroids will keep you up all night!), but I wasn't really in much pain. My muscle pain that's been giving me so much grief is SO much better than it normally is! You may recall that this pain was worse than my post op pain from my last surgery. So it's an incredible blessing to NOT be dealing with much of that pain!

All I can keep thinking is how good God is and how many people must be praying... this is the easiest time I've EVER had post op. On Thursday, I got up and moved around the room a bit... it's been really tough to get around because I am hooked up to SO many tubes and wires! But it's hard to keep me down when I am feeling okay!

As you recall, Dr. Saturday didn't close up my pelvis - he left it open. He said that it was full of infection and pus. So good thing we did the surgery, right? ;) He packed the wound with gauze. So, on Thursday afternoon, I met the wound care nurses. They pulled off the tape and started taking out the gauze. (WARNING: Slightly graphic..)

Have you ever seen those magic tricks where they pull a scarf out of their shirt, and the scarf just keeps coming out? That will give you an idea of what it was like. All told, they unpacked a cantaloupe sized pile of gauze from my pelvis. That felt... very strange. Then they stuffed a piece of foam (about the size of my foot) in the wound. They sealed it up with tape, and attached the little tube to the Wound VAC thing, which sucks the edges of the wound together. The process took an hour and a half. The wound is 10 cm long x 8 cm deep. My wound bled through a couple layers of towels and I was very thankful for my little button of dilaudid (pain medicine).

It was not fun. Thankfully, although the process was very painful, the wound actually feels better with the WoundVAC on and the pain faded pretty quickly, although from time to time, the "pulling" feeling gets pretty painful. Unfortunately, they have to repeat these foam and dressing exchanges three times a week... for the next 6-8 weeks. And I cannot get the wound area wet, either, so no baths or showers for 6-8 weeks, either. But I am confident that God will give me the strength to get through each dressing change (and give my family the grace to deal with me being smelly from no showering, haha. [Of course I am taking sponge baths]).

My stomach has done GREAT this time... my anesthesiologist, in addition to giving me the triple lumen subclavian line, did something a little different with the anesthesia, since I tend to have a lot of nausea and stuff for several days following my surgeries. Whether it's what he did or God's grace, or a combo, I was eating the day after surgery, and I've had very minimal nausea! And I'm actually hungry! Mom brought me Chick-Fil-A last night. ;)

My friend Kendra just finished her first day of chemo. It went well. She has another day tomorrow. Please pray for her and her family! She is pretty sore from her port placement still.

Yesterday afternoon and evening and today have been nice and low-key. I've been blessed with several very, very special visitors! And received so many nice calls and texts and messages... thank you to each one of you for your love, care, and support...

Hannah ;)

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