Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surgery #4 Completed! (A Report From Mom)

Hannah started the day with a few tests. No, not any scopes or blood tests. Not any poking or prodding. Microbiology tests. In Fort Worth at TCC. Specifically, two lab tests and one multiple choice test. It turns out that PA schools desire a 4 unit Microbiology class with lab and Hannah only had a 3 unit Microbio class. So, having enrolled in summer school at TCC, she made it to Fort Worth to take these tests - and had to leave before the lecture in order to get to the Dallas hospital in time for Pre-op check-in.
I guess she checked in at the proper time - and then sat around and waited a few hours. (Is that why she is called the Patient? Patiently waiting and waiting...)
Her Daddy and I arrived just as they took her to the Pre-op area. We got to sit with her. And wait patiently. She was a little jealous of the Sonic drinks we held, and our Weinberger Deli bag holding two of the most amazing sandwiches. We did not eat in front of her, since she had only a faint remembrance of food from the night before.
At 4:10 they ushered us out of the back halls of Pre-op and whisked Hannah off to surgery. Their plan was to give her some laughing gas and then add tubes and IV while she was not aware of what occurred. Evidently the laughing gas failed to knock her out. The anesthesiologist escalated the drugs of inhalant variety and Hannah doesn't remember anything else from the operating room (which is exactly what I prayed!).
Maybe an hour later - or an hour and a half, Dr. Saturday found us in the waiting room to give his report. He spoke of infection and said he had removed the parts inside that no longer belonged there. He said that he found it necessary to plan to use the vac-em-up that Hannah described in a previous blog and that it would aid in clearing up the infection. He was talking like Hannah would not be long in the hospital (his original estimate had been about only 4 days), but that the monitoring of the healing process and the vacuum cleaner could take place from home.
Well, evidently they were able to add quite a few tubes and such after the ramped-up laughing gas took effect. Instead of a PICC line, Hannah has a cool Central Line below her collar bone. The keeps the nurses from constantly needing to find a new vein when they have to draw blood, give IV fluids or administer meds. It also allows her to have this great Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) pump that lets her control her pain medication for now. When she finally made it to her room she told her Daddy and me that her pain was at a "4" (on a 10 point scale) which is on the low end of her typical day-to-day pain.
Here it is, 3 hours later, and she is still pretty comfortable. I attribute this to our loving Lord who has heard the prayers of His saints - Hannah's friends. I praise God for His mighty hand - His hand that is powerful enough to give Hannah's doctor wisdom and skill, His hand that eases her pain, and His hand that intervenes in the lives of His people. You can praise God too. He commands us to pray. He allows us to pray. He hears our prayers. He always does what is right. And, as we pray according to His will, we have the opportunity to praise Him for answering our prayers.
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.
He is worthy to be praised.
Hannah asks you to pray for her friend, Kendra. Tomorrow the doctors will put in a port near her collar bone so she can receive chemotherapy. Pray for her to have peace in the midst of her situation - and to know the God of Peace in a way that brings everlasting peace.
Cathy (Mom)

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