Monday, June 27, 2011

Surgery Tomorrrow

So...yeah, I have surgery tomorrow. It's scheduled for rather late in the day. I will try to get my mom to update as soon as she can after I get to a room. However, keep in mind that my body just does REALLY WEIRD things after surgery. It typically takes several hours for them to get me stable enough to get out of the PACU and to my room after surgery. Therefore, she may not be able to post until Wednesday.

Today I had a GOOD doctor's appointment! I had my appointment with Endo Doc, and it went very well! She was so surprised and happy that I've been able to taper down on steroids. I still have a ways to go. Once I taper down a few more times, we will be able to run the tests to see if my adrenal glands are "waking up" and re-learning how to function. Very encouraging after so many months of frustration. She also wants Dr. Saturday to do something a little different from his original plan with my steroids for surgery. She said she'd call him today to let him know her preferences.

I have been having a really tough time with muscle pain, so I've been taking quite a bit of pain medicine again. That means that it will be more difficult to control my pain after surgery, which has me worried.

Please pray that Endo Dr. and Dr. Saturday were able to agree on a plan for my steroids.
Pray that Dr. Saturday has a good night of sleep and can do well, even though I'm the last surgery of the day!
Please pray for surgery to do its job!
Please pray for my body to do well with the surgery - for no "surprises," a smooth recovery, complete healing, and good pain control.
Pray for comfort and peace for my whole family.
And mainly...please pray that God will be honored through this, and that I will lean completely on Him...not trust in the means of medicine and surgery and doctors and nurses, but in Him.

I am thankful for the support of friends and family as I continue to walk this path the Lord has set me on... I may not be up for phone conversations or visitors for a while, but I really, truly appreciate getting messages, comments, emails, texts, etc, even if I'm not able to respond!

Hannah ;)

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