Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trending Better

I apologize for the lack of posts of late. A lot of stuff is going on in life right now, and I will let you in on it at some point, but not today. ;)

Health-wise... overall things have been "trending better," as my mom puts it! There is some very exciting news: I cut down on steroids on May 25, and I've been (drumroll, please) FINE! This is truly amazing and wonderful and unbelievable and completely an act of God. We thought that my adrenals were completely shut down and not recovering at all. The fact that I've been able to taper and tolerate the change indicates that I have at least SOME adrenal function coming back at last! There are not words adequate to express my happiness about this taper! Praise God.

I also have been able to cut back on numerous other medications! After a very frustrating Rheumy appointment, we decided to drop off Plaquenil, a medicine that is supposed to help the arthritis and general autoimmune stuff. It has not seemed to make any difference in the number of flares I've had or in my overall well-being, so I stopped it. I have also been dropping the dosages on my sleep aid med, a muscle spasm med, and my pain meds! My pain overall has been better, although since Friday it's been a bit worse. But really, I can't complain! I really feel like I'm making progress, and the less meds, the better! ;) I had a couple days this week where my pain was... not really that big of a deal! I took just a little bit of pain meds, and that kept it under control and I felt good! Wow! I can't even remember how long it's been since I wasn't hurting super bad! Those were AWESOME days, and I'm sure hoping that more of them are around the corner for me.

I saw Dr. Pain (aka Jack Black) on one of those awesome days. He sent in the nurse who reported that he asked, "Was that Hannah? Did you see her walk? She was walking normally! She looks so good! She looks like she feels good. Does she feel good? Go find out!" ;) Yup, I felt good! I guess it showed. I have been hurting SO BAD the last several times I've been in, so I probably usually look terrible. He sounded JUST like Jack Black as he said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it! Do it twice as much!" He thinks I'm going to get all better and be fine. I hope he's right! ;) He about shattered my rib cage because he hugged me so hard, and told me I made his day.

My stomach is not doing so hot. It is acting up - hurting where the abscesses were, and I've been nauseated and losing weight again. Bummer. I am also having this weird thing where my heart feels like it is going really fast all the time - could be from steroids, but I think it's more likely from infection. Dr. Saturday has been out of town for the past few weeks, so nothing has really happened on that front. I also had a pretty bad obstruction on Friday night - Squirt quit squirting for several hours, which is quite uncomfortable for me. My body was trying to move stuff along, but it couldn't. This is theoretically from scar tissue or adhesions. It happens pretty often, but usually doesn't get as bad as it did on Friday.

So there you have it - overall, I'm doing so much better, although I still have some issues going on. I like this upward trend, and I pray it continues...

Also, just a little note to say thank you to all of you who follow what's going on in my life. Your prayers and encouragement really mean so much to me. I was just thinking today about my last hospital stay and surgery. I usually HATE being in the hospital, and I feel bored and lonely, and I'm usually in a lot of pain and feel awful. This last hospital stay was simply amazing. I didn't feel super terrible most of the time, even though the doctors thought I was supposed to (I surprised them), and God provided the most amazing stream of visitors, room decorations, notes, calls, and encouragement. God is so good, all the time. I am so blessed and spoiled by His kindness and by your kindness to me and my family! I was an undeserving sinner, and He died for me, saved me, gave me new life and hope, AND sends me wonderful blessings continually.

Hannah ;)

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