Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Last night ended up being "same song, second verse, little bit louder and a little bit worse" in the pain department. I felt TERRIBLE. Thankfully, my mom and dad came down to the hospital to hang out with me. I kept begging them to stay "just a little bit longer!" Finally, my mom decided to spend the night with me.

I was a mess. There is a delicate balance in managing pain, yet being coherent. Unfortunately, for the last two days, I've felt completely drugged, but still been in so much pain. Last night, I was super loopy and confused, in addition to hurting, so I felt much better with my mom and dad there! They are the best!

Thankfully, today my pain and nausea have been so much better! I haven't needed any medication for nausea since this morning. Still working on the pain, but it's been much better controlled today. I asked the doctor about using my fav pain med (toradol, an anti-inflammatory), but due to the bleeding risk (I have a large, open wound), it cannot be used. He told me to "keep pushing your pain button," so that's what I've been doing. Today has been a lot better, but I doubt I'll be going home tomorrow.

Today I also spoke with the dietitian about how to eat to help my wound heal! She did calculations based on my height, weight, diseases, and wound, and found I need a ridiculously high amount of protein in my diet. Protein is crucial to healing this wound. She gave me my protein requirements, and lists of high protein foods. My job is to eat! ;) Today I did a good job. The goal is to meet my body's protein requirements with "real" food, but if I'm not able to, I can look into protein powders and supplements.

I get a lovely view of fireworks from the comfort of my air-conditioned lobby! Be jealous, fellow Texans! No sweltering in the heat for me!

Hannah ;)

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