Thursday, July 7, 2011


I made it home last night!! Yesterday was very interesting... I had several issues with the wound and the woundVAC seal breaking beginning Tuesday night. Unfortunately, after several failed attempts at a repair, they had to completely change the whole dressing, foam and all again yesterday. Bummer and ouch - two days in a row! Then it started leaking again, so they had to come back and repair it again about half an hour later. Thankfully, there've been no problems since then, praise God!

Also, props to my nurse Lacy and the wound care nurse. I was really hurting after the dressing change, but they had discontinued all my medication orders. The wound care nurse talked to my nurse, who called the on-call doctor, who ordered a one-time dose of pain medicine to take the edge off. So thoughtful of them! Boy, am I gonna miss my central line and IV pain meds during future dressing changes. ;(

I got my portable WoundVAC set up. The guy brought it to me and taught me how it worked, then he handed my mom all these papers and a pen. I asked, "Do I need to sign those?"
He shook his head. "Um... are you 18?" He asked with a playful grin.
"I'm 23."
"Oh!! Well, you've aged gracefully!" Nice recovery. ;) And so I signed.

Getting out of the hospital was like pulling teeth! Discharge time is 11:00 am. I thought I was all ready to go! But then the wound care nurses had to patch up my dressing. Then another problem popped up, and the nurse had to call the doctor during surgery to get another med sent to the pharmacy. Then the WoundVAC guy had to come bring me the portable woundVAC. Then the nurse care coordinator had to come give me my paperwork for my dressing change appointment for Friday. Then the nurse had to pull my central line. Then I had to lay at a 30 degree angle for 30 minutes. Then I signed my discharge orders. Finally, it was time to go. "We'll just call transport. They'll come and get you in 15-20 minutes." Needless to say, it was rather trafficky by the time we got outta there!

Thankfully, we made it back home... but not before my mom stopped to buy me ice cream... she is the best! Not only does she stay awake with me on bad nights at the hospital, pack up my room when it's time to go and I'm not feeling up to helping much, cook me yummy food, and drive me home from the hospital.... but she gets me ice cream! ;)

I've just been taking it easy. I am very, very tired and sore. I'm having issues with my muscle pain sort of flaring up in a big way, but thankfully, I'm able to keep it under control for the most part with my meds. Another huge blessing is that I have been able to sleep, no problem. In fact, I fell asleep on the car ride home!

I am hoping to be able to return to my summer classes on Monday... we'll see how that goes! I usually crash for a couple of days after getting out of the hospital, then I'm much better. My professor emailed me today and indicated that I need to be ready to take a make up midterm on Monday! So I guess I'd better start studying.

Tomorrow is another dressing change, fun times. I will be having these on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the foreseeable future.

God is so good... He has brought me through yet another surgery and hospital stay. I am thankful for His goodness. Like I said in my previous post, while it's nice to celebrate victories (and believe me, I am celebrating being at home!), the war isn't over. Please don't stop praying for the Lord to work in my life through this circumstance, and that He'll give me opportunities to share the hope I have in Him.

Hannah ;)

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