Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Wound Care

I had another wound change, and boy, was I ready for this one. Friday's dressing left me very uncomfortable and hurting all weekend. I was dealing with leaks any time I moved (I had to do patch jobs every day, without much success), and my skin has started to itch quite intensely under the dressing. And it basically felt like I had a giant cocklebur in my wound. But really, I've been blessed - this weekend was really the first time that I had significant pain and discomfort from the wound. All that to say that I was actually excited to get the foam changed today. ;)

It was a tough dressing change; the tissue had really stuck to the foam and it was very difficult and painful and took a very long time and a lot of tugging (at least, it seemed that way to me!) to take out of the wound. Thankfully, the wound is showing no signs of infection, despite all the leaks and patches I had to do. My skin is really not a fan of the tape; in some places, the skin is bright red. In other places, the skin actually bubbles and peels off from the irritation. The nurses think that the itching and increased pain are a good thing - they are signs of healing. Let me just say again, I am continually thankful for the kindness and skills of the wound care nurses. They are so good and wonderful. They really do their best to make a very unpleasant situation more comfortable. And thankfully, I'm a bit more comfortable now with the new dressing.

As of last Tuesday, I am all caught up in my summer classes! And I took the GRE on Saturday. I had called the GRE and the testing facility prior to the exam to make sure it was okay for Edgar to accompany me in the test room. They said yes, thankfully. On test day, it was fun explaining Edgar the WoundVAC to every test proctor in the building. ;) I'm working on applying to Physician's Assistant programs. Most of them are 3 year Master's programs. If I'm accepted, I would enter in fall 2012. Now I just have to figure out a job or something until then! ;)

Hannah ;)

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