Friday, July 22, 2011

MORE Wound Care

Today was wound care again... once a week I have "Assessment Day" where the wound care doctor measures the wound and takes a good look at it to assess my progress. Just like last week, the tissue looks fantastic - very red with lots of blood supply, and no infection. Unfortunately, the measurements are also exactly the same as last week. The wound has not closed up even a millimeter more. This is disappointing for everyone. The new plan is to put in this stuff (and of course, I've forgotten the name of it by now) that is like synthetic collagen. Collagen is the connective tissue that holds our bodies together. The theory is that this synthetic collagen will stimulate my body to make its own collagen to start pulling the edges of the wound together. Hopefully this will speed up the healing process.

We also made a major breakthrough. The nurse soaked the foam in lidocaine for a few minutes. This made the entire experience much less painful. YAY!

The bummer was that I had to listen to a nurse whose husband and husband's aunt have food intolerances (diagnosed by a doctor who got kicked out of/left Baylor), and have cured themselves with supplements from different websites and treatments from a doctor in Canada. I do not wish in any way to minimize their sufferings, and I am very happy that they have found health! However, it was very frustrating to have to listen to her for an hour and a half as she told me that I could have prevented all this by going gluten-free and taking supplements from these websites. She kept going, even after I explained that I did gluten-free for several weeks without effect. I also have had negative biopsies and blood tests and stool tests for gluten and celiac issues. I also continue to have symptoms even when I am not using my GI tract at all for weeks at a time. This had no impact on her, and she continued to go on and on. I just kept smiling and trying to be gracious... but, believe me, it was far from easy. ;)

Unfortunately, I have had a migraine since Tuesday. I went to the chiropractor today, which helped for several hours, but it's back again with a vengeance! It's making me pretty nauseated, so I haven't been eating well this week, which may be impacting my wound healing. I am also running low grade fevers and shaking all over (the nurses were like, "Do you realize you're trembling?"), probably because my arthritis is flaring. Also, they had to put in a more "bulky" (read: uncomfortable) dressing today, and Edgar is plugging away quite audibly. So I am a little bit throbbing and miserable all over...

But guess what? God is still good, and gives me more than I deserve in Christ! I had a neat opportunity to share just a little with the wound doctor. He commented that it's just not fair what life has dealt me, and that he doubted that he could endure a fraction of what I go through daily. I told him, "Well, life is not fair, but God is good!" He shook his head and said something about that showing unusual grace. He left just after that, but I know I'll have many more opportunities to share the hope and perspective Christ gives, as it looks like I'll be a fixture at the wound clinic for some months!

Hannah ;)

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