Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Meds and Wound Care

Wednesday was a day of many small victories... Dr. Saturday and I talked about the ER visit. He wasn't concerned about the elevated white count. He thought it was likely due to my open wound. He agreed with me to hold off on antibiotics, especially with all the trouble I've been having with my stomach.

He asked why I ended up in the ER, and I told him that I just got behind on fluids and was dumping really bad. No matter how much I drank, I just couldn't catch up. I was slightly shocked to hear him say, "You're right. You can't catch up! There's just no way." Um, ok... so what do I do? Amazingly, he had a plan... everything goes through me so fast that we need to slow down my intestines. That way, I actually have a chance to absorb stuff. He told me four different medicines I can try to use to accomplish this. They are all medicines I've taken in the past (and I still have bottles of 3 out of 4 of them), back in my UC days before I was a Semi Colon. I always feel so guilty if I have to go get fluids. I feel like if I had just been able to get more fluids in by mouth that I would have been okay. So it was nice to hear him say that it really is impossible for me to stay hydrated on my own at times.

I tried the meds, and eventually I was able to meet with success. To give you an idea... I took 6 immodium over several hours before the dumping even slowed down. I'm continuing to play with the meds to find the right amount to take based on how I'm feeling. I'm just glad that there really is something I can do to stay hydrated!

We went back to the downtown wound clinic on Wednesday. It was a somewhat miserable drive with a horrible back up from an accident. The difference with the care compared to the local clinic, however, was night and day. The nurses knew exactly what to do, and they did it quickly, efficiently, respectfully, and professionally. And they did an excellent job. Thankfully, the wound changes are getting less painful. They still hurt, but it is not excruciating or long-lasting pain. Yay! I'm thankful for the great care, even though it is a much more significant time investment.

Another wound change tomorrow!

Hannah ;)

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