Monday, August 29, 2011

Prayers for Patt

Hi Semi Colon Readers!

Tonight I have a prayer request for you.

I have mentioned my friend Patt several times. Patt and I met in April, when I was in the hospital getting beefed up on TPN for my third surgery. She lives in Colorado and comes all the way to Texas for surgeries and treatment. Patt has lived with Crohn's disease for over 40 years. We share many things: scars, surgery stories, TPN, and ostomy bags. She had a rough go of it many years ago with (would you believe?) recurrent abscesses that didn't go away until she had a more radical surgery to remove her rectum and anus... just like me. This granted her 20 YEARS of remission.

Sadly, she has had an extremely difficult time over the last several months. She was recovering from a surgery when we met. I got to go home after two weeks, but she remained inpatient for an unbelievable additional two MONTHS. She endured another surgery, and finally went home... not because she was any better, but because her mental health simply couldn't take another day in the hospital.

Since arriving home, she has continued to endure great pain and is barely able to eat. She needs another surgery. After trying to push through for months, today she was admitted to the hospital, and Dr. Saturday will operate on her tomorrow.

Patt has been so sweet and kind to be more or less my "guardian angel" on earth as I've gone through my surgeries and hospital stays this spring. The day I was supposed to go home in April, but took a turn for the worse, she was the one who alerted the charge nurse to my downswing. Despite feeling terrible herself, she came in to check on me several times.

A month or two ago, I got a huge package in the mail. It was a beautiful quilt from her church, Patt explained, a prayer quilt.

The quilt is tied instead of being quilted. Each person prayed for me, then tied a knot, so each knot represents a prayer. It's such a treasure, and the meaning behind the knots makes it that much more special.

The back is a cross, to remind me that Jesus is always with me.

Please pray for this very dear woman! She has endured so much, and she is facing yet another surgery. Pray for God's grace and peace to be with her. Pray for skill for Dr. Saturday. And for health to be restored to her body.

Hannah ;)

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