Monday, August 15, 2011



That's right! ;) I have been having a terrible time with the wound VAC dressing. It just does not stick to my skin. By the time I get home from the clinic, it's already peeling up around the edges and starting to leak. This essentially defeats the purpose of having Edgar - he can't do his job if there's no seal! I try to tape it down, paste it down, cement it down (utilizing different sticky stuff from the wound care clinic), but at best, it holds for 12 hours. And, as you can imagine, the sticking and re-sticking is 1). incredibly difficult to do to yourself, and 2). incredibly uncomfortable for poor raw skin!

I was supposed to try to hold out until Sunday night. Alas, by Sunday afternoon, I had re-taped/cemented/pasted the wound area 3 times since the Friday afternoon dressing change. And it just wasn't working. I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Friday and Saturday night because my skin is so uncomfortable and itchy and burning (like I have mentioned... I have good pain tolerance, but NO tolerance for itching!). So Sunday afternoon, after arranging enough mirrors to do carnival tricks, I pulled off the tape, closed my eyes, thought of England, and yanked out the foam.

I am free! I have been on the woundVAC for 47 days. I am so grateful for Edgar and the amazing work he is doing, but BOY, I am sure enjoying being tube free and tape free and device free* for a while! I feel so light and free! Every time I stand up, I keep trying to pick up Edgar - and then I laugh, because he's not there!

In the meantime, dealing with the wound is rather messy, but thankfully, my skin is already much happier than it was. Hopefully my skin will be all healed up by Wednesday, when I get hooked back up. Please pray that we will be able to figure out a solution to make the tape actually stick and hold up for a few days! This is crucial to the wound closing up! We have tried so many techniques and methods and tapes and glues and all sorts of things I didn't know existed. ;)

Hannah ;)

* With the exception of Squirt's bag - which is both a device and has a lot of tape.


  1. I use a skin glue called "It Stays" for a compression stocking. It works great until you sweat. Have you tried "It Stays"? I have no tolerance for itching either. Only thing that works is icing the itchy spots -- not sure if that's doable for you in light of the location. Praise God for His provision with insurance and help with Edgar!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I may look into it... unfortunately, due to the location, it's always a little "moist," which I think is a big problem. We prep the skin with some kind of stuff to make the skin tacky and sticky, and then we use multiple types of tape, glue, and paste. I want to ice so badly! I'm not supposed to let the taped area get wet. You're right, it's just in a bad spot, isn't it! ;)