Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, I hate to be a downer after Friday's blithe post about how everything was just working out perfectly... unfortunately, I have some rather interesting news to share. I got a call on Tuesday afternoon from KCI, the manufacturers of Edgar, informing me that my new insurance did not cover "Durable Medical Equipment," and therefore I would be responsible for paying cash for Edgar. I returned the call and left a voicemail, reassuring the lady that it was a mistake, we'd called both my insurance and KCI and been informed that my company calls Edgar a "Test and Procedure," which is covered.

I hadn't heard back from her, so I called again the next morning. Wednesday morning, just hours before I went to get Edgar hooked back up. The lady told me that I was misinformed. In fact, my insurance does not cover Edgar. After 3 solid hours on the phone, going back and forth between the insurance company, the wound care clinic's insurance verification lady, and KCI, we were able to elucidate that we had been given false information. The bottom line is that my insurance does NOT cover Edgar, but we (the wound care clinic and myself) were told repeatedly, by both KCI and the insurance company itself, that they did cover him. So suddenly, instead of being responsible for a pittance, huge dollar signs are flying everywhere. And I have to decide what to do by 3:00 that afternoon.

In the midst of this, I completely blew a gasket. I don't think my parents have seen me stomp my feet like that since I was a three-year-old. "This is a tens of thousands of dollars mistake that they've made! I trust God's in control, but it feels like He's not when STUPID people make STUPID mistakes!" I am thankful for my parents' leadership in their reaction - they were kind and reminded me that this is NOT a big deal or a surprise to God, that I had been responsible and done all that was in my power to do to verify what benefits I had. God is still in control. And He does what He pleases. And then my dad prayed.

I was also very thankful for Andrew's reaction. He handed me this little beauty, along with a box of pins.

Check out the front, noting the pins coming out of the eyes:

And the back, appropriately named:

While I was poking holes in my voodoo doll, the Holy Spirit was poking at my conscience with such verses as Job 2:10 - "Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?" and Job 1:21 - "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." I clearly saw my own anger, bitterness, and unforgiving heart. But I felt so justified in my feelings! I had this little internal dialogue with God:

"God, I was diligent and called and checked multiple times and they lied to me! If they had told me the truth, I would have had seven days to figure out some other plan! Now instead, here I am, a few hours before I'm supposed to get the WoundVAC back on, and what am I supposed to do? I know my anger is wrong, and that I need to be forgiving of these people... but do You realize what they have done to me?"

In my head, the answer comes: "Do you realize what YOU have done to me? My Son had to suffer and DIE, not because of an unintentional mistake you made, but because of sins that you purposefully decided to commit! Don't you remember the story of the unforgiving servant?"

Ouch. That stung worse than pins stuck in my eyes...

It might have been more productive and less infuriating to spend the time talking to a brick wall than to try to talk to my insurance company. To even get them to replay the recording of the phone call where they gave the false information, I have to write a letter, get it sent to a committee, who will consider for 30 days whether they should even replay the call. Who knows what I'd have to do to try to get them to make their mistake right. Probably wouldn't happen this year, that's for sure! I STILL am not entirely sure what the company will or won't cover - I spoke with 3 different representatives and received as many different answers. I believe they will cover the nursing care and doctor, but not the VAC rental.

Thankfully, KCI was more responsive. I got a supervisor's supervisor to replay the phone call where they erroneously assured me that my insurance did cover the VAC rental. They agreed that a mistake had been made, and they were sorry that I had been misinformed. I told them that was well and good, but I needed them to correct their error. I asked for 1-2 weeks of free VAC rental. This would give me the amount of time I would have had to look into other options, had I been given the truth a week ago when I called. To my surprise, I received a call on Wednesday afternoon, BEFORE my wound care appointment, informing me that upper management had approved my request. They are giving me free VAC rental for 12 days, beginning that day.

I'm pretty sure God was laughing at me and my reactions... after all, hasn't He ALWAYS provided for me? Has He EVER not provided something I needed? And, in a sort of sideways manner, didn't He grant me 12 FREE days of Edgar because of someone's mistake? I'm not really sure why I ever doubt His sovereign control of all things. I felt quite sheepish. He really is unreasonably good to me. And He loves to show SO CLEARLY that it's He who is the Giver of good things.

I also had to call back the poor wound care clinic lady who verifies insurance to ask her forgiveness. She had simply told me exactly what the insurance company told her (which turned out to be false). I was frustrated and short and really very rude to her on the phone, because she was telling me things that weren't true. But it turned out that she, of course, hadn't made any mistake at all... poor lady was also given wrong information by my insurance. Not that my attitude would have been justified if she was wrong... anyways, I asked her forgiveness for my rudeness and unkind speech and anger.

All in all, it was a very frustrating, humbling day. Any day when you spend over 3 hours on the phone with insurance is frustrating. And any day when God shows me so clearly what a sinner I am, how quickly I doubt His sovereignty, and how much I am in need of His grace is humbling. I pray that I don't soon forget the lessons I learned.

Hannah ;)

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