Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies

I've mentioned this, one of my favorite shirts, in a previous post... I didn't wear it today (I was tutoring a high school student, and I want to continue the illusion, I mean, the impression that I'm a good kid in front of her mom, at least), but boy, this shirt says it all today.

On Monday, I went to Wound Care after a delightful 10 days off (and only three showers, boo - I was only allowed to shower every 3 days due to the special collagen dressings). I told my nurse that I doubted that the wound had gotten any smaller. Sadly, I ended up being right - the wound, in fact, has gotten LARGER. It was a pretty big disappointment that it has gotten bigger and had the nurse quite concerned. It is also REALLY hurting me. I think it's infected, but it was difficult for the nurse to tell, since I took a shower and cleaned it just prior to wound care. We decided to go back to my SeaSorb alginate dressing - no more collagen implants in my bootie. ;) And I can shower daily now.

Next, I went to see Dr. Saturday. The last time I went to see him (a month ago), he was quite surprised that I was still on the WoundVAC. So we set an appointment for the following month, believing that SURELY by that time, I'd have my perfect "Barbie butt." Last week, I realized that I wouldn't be healed. I called his office to see if he really wanted to see me, even though I'm not healed, but of course "Misinformation" did not actually talk to the doctor or call me back.

When Dr. Saturday opened the door, he stopped in the doorway. "I'm scared to come in," he joked, "I'm scared you're going to get another problem!" He decided to cauterize the wound with silver nitrate. This was an interesting experience. It is supposed to promote wound healing, I guess? He told me it would smart pretty bad. Once he was done, he asked if it hurt. I shook my head no. He chuckled and said, "I've hurt you way worse than this!" Hey, he said it, not me. ;)

He did not have a lot of helpful information or advice for my continuing issues with dumping, nausea, occasional vomiting, and belly pain. "Sounds like spastic colon," he said. I had to remind him that, in fact, I have no colon. "People like you, people who have had cancer do this, too. They have a symptom and are convinced something's wrong." Um, really? Frustrating. He talked to me about the medication I use to slow down my GI tract (Lomotil). I was surprised to hear that it causes side effects of dry mouth, double vision, and sleepiness or feeling loopy. I have not experienced any of these side effects at all, so he told me I must not be absorbing the medication. No wonder it's not working when I'm dumping badly... ;) I can increase my dosage above the directions on the bottle until I feel side effects.

My grandma has been having her own hospital adventures due to GI issues. Thankfully, after a "fun-filled" weekend of tests and procedures, she came home again late this afternoon. Please pray for her healing and for relief from her discomfort.

Thankfully, I saw that Nadia was able to go home today! Yay!! Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal and recover! She has been through so much. In addition to just being awesome, she is such a fantastic advocate and educator about IBD and J pouches and living with an ileostomy. I don't think I mentioned this, but I had actually seen some of her videos online before I met her - then I met her in "real life." How cool is that?

I am trying so hard to get better, so it's been a little frustrating to feel like I'm going backwards with the "chocolate bunny" feeling. It is so uncomfortable, no matter if I'm standing, sitting, or lying down. But, as the other bunny reminds me, it could be worse... I could be missing a chunk of my head instead of a chunk of my rear! ;)

Hannah ;)

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