Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Strings Attached

Sorry for no post for a while... just haven't been feeling the blogging, I guess! I am doing okay. No crisis or anything horrible for a whole week! Muscle pain is still acting up and joints are unhappy with the weather. I've been dumping off and on, sometimes quite badly, for a while, but I think that's under control now. I'm having a bit of concerning stomach pain and nausea - concerning because it reminds me of how I felt prior to my surgeries this spring and summer - but hopefully it's just a bump in the road. Otherwise pretty status quo. The wisdom teeth recovery (aka, excuse to eat processed cheese food with a spoon) was completely uneventful and hardly even worthy of mention, thankfully!

Now for some news... I lost three pounds on Friday. Don't worry. These were three pounds I needed to lose - Edgar the WoundVAC!!!!! I'm not hooked up to anything - no tubes, no machines - just Hannah and Squirt, no strings attached.

That's right, after 80 days and 29 painful, humiliating dressing changes... I am DONE with Edgar! Praise God! The wound measured 0.5 cm less in length than last week, and the depth is 0.6 cm less! The doctor said he just didn't see any reason to continue with the WoundVAC... and he didn't have to say that twice! He is thrilled, the nurses are thrilled - everyone's happy! I am well on my way to having a Barbie Butt!

Unfortunately, being done with Edgar does NOT mean I'm done with Wound Care. I still have to have special dressings and continue to have the wound assessed. We are using a foam - type substance that is made of collagen. That's right; I'm getting collagen implants in my butt. Be jealous. ;) Anyways, next they put this alginate-type dressing on top of the collagen, then tape it all in. The crummy thing is that I'm not allowed to remove it or get it wet for 3 days - I am not allowed to shower. I told them I would try this, but I would reallllllly prefer something that I can change daily! It was already a mess 24 hours later. Due to my wound's location, this type of dressing is NOT practical. I don't (and I don't intend to) blog about all the difficulties I encounter many times a day for the last 80 days because of the location of the wound. I'll leave it at that. This cannot heal fast enough! ;)

I am a little worried that this final healing stage will take forever. For one thing, have you ever cut the webbing between your thumb and hand? You know, every time you move, it rips open again? That's kinda what I think will happen with this wound. Secondly, the doctor said that, because of my UC, it may have a lot of difficulty closing all the way up. Remember when they sewed my bottom up last year? The stitches, which were supposed to dissolve in a matter of days, took months to dissolve. But the skin never healed shut down there at all. So I am at pretty good risk of not completely healing up down there.

When I had Edgar (aaaaah, how wonderful to refer to that time in past tense!), he was always hanging from my shoulder, so everyone used to ask me, "Do you want to put your purse down?" I would always reply, "Oh, it's fine," but really, I was thinking, "You have NO idea how much I want to put it down!" Thankful to be free, no strings attached!

Hannah ;)

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