Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Surgery and Good News!

Friends - I am having another surgery tomorrow.

Don't freak out; it's no big deal. ;) I am having my wisdom teeth out. Of course, they started to try to come in, and it's not working - they are impacted. I opted to have them extracted with no sedation. I'm just getting two teeth out, the sedation is expensive, and, let's face it, the meds don't even work on me anymore - I've been sedated close to 20 times. You may recall my experience with the last "sedated" scope I had - I was completely awake and aware and gagged and heaved throughout the entire thing. I figure that I have worse things than wisdom teeth extraction done to me while I'm completely awake (read: dressing changes), so I'll be fine. I'll letcha know tomorrow if this was a bad choice. ;)

Today was an exciting day - back to the clinic after an entire WEEK of freedom from wound care. My absolutely amazing, fantastic wound care nurse, Christina, told me last time that if the wound looked good today, I might be able to stop the WoundVAC therapy. So, I went in, we did a drumroll, I dropped my drawers, aaaaand... I walked out WITHOUT Edgar (but after pulling my drawers back up)! Christina said the wound looks great, I did a good job taking care of it (which is slightly amazing since I cannot actually SEE the wound or what I'm doing!), and I can continue until Friday without Edgar. Here's Christina and I - note that I am wearing a victory smile, and NOT wearing Edgar:

(In the background above our heads is the cool hyperbaric chamber!)

I can't give up Edgar for good yet - this is all unofficial. I have to get the official word from my wound care doctor on Friday. He'll give the final verdict and decide what kind of dressing to use from here on out. Likely I will only have to go into the clinic for 4-6 more weeks (until the wound closes up), but only ONCE a week. I am currently using a dressing known as SeaSorb - it is an alginate dressing that absorbs a lot of wound goo and speeds wound healing by promoting collagen formation. Oh, and it does NOT stick to the wound. So it doesn't make me unhappy when it comes time to change this dressing. Oh, AND, no tape is involved!

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to continue to make progress toward healing this wound! I have been doing a lot of thinking about everything I've been through, and it does a couple things for me: 1. makes me so thankful to God for bringing me through some incredibly difficult times, and 2. really puts things in perspective for me - it's hard to get upset about everyday annoyances when you've faced huge battles.

Please pray for an easy time with the wisdom teeth! I got to take double steroids today in preparation for the stress of wisdom teeth removal, so I feel FANTASTIC - normal energy, no shakiness or insane salt cravings - wish I could feel like this every day! Course, here it is, almost 1 am, and I'm still awake and blogging! So much energy! Love it! ;) Seriously, though, the doctor told me I will have a tough time afterwards - my body may not react well to even a simple wisdom teeth surgery - also, I already take pain medicine, so he tells me I will probably have a lot of pain afterwards.

I talked to Patt early this week. She sounds fantastic - a complete night and day difference to how she's sounded for the past few months. She was full of wit and wisdom - I just wish I could have tape recorded our conversation to catch all her wise words. She is recovering very well, just having to come to the realization that her problems aren't really "fixable," which is a difficult place to be. Please continue to pray for her healing.

Hannah ;)

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  1. Wisdom teeth. The name has always bugged me! :) I will be praying for you.