Friday, September 9, 2011

Wounds on Both Ends

Thanks for the prayers - the wisdom teeth thing went down with no issues! One tooth was a little troublesome to extract, but the whole procedure for both teeth took under an hour. I am feeling fine and experiencing pretty much no pain from my mouth, thankfully.

I am having a LOT of muscle pain, though. It has been off and on really, really bad for the last few days. Overall, though, I feel very energetic and stuff from the extra steroids I've been taking! I'm enjoying that it while it lasts. I expect I'll probably crash in a few days when my body realizes I'm back to a normal dose of roids.

So, today I went back to wound care, hoping that the doctor would tell me I'm done with Edgar! The nurse takes a look first and measures the wound, then the doctor comes in and examines the wound for himself. It's getting tough to get accurate measurements, especially on the depth, as it is healing unevenly. So while the wound looked smaller to Christina, the measurements were only a bit smaller, likely because it was measured in a slightly different spot last week. The wound care doctor came in... and... he said it looked good, but he would recommend going back to Edgar for "a while." I was so disappointed, and I asked if I had to. He said that I could make the call to stop the WoundVAC if I wanted, and the wound will heal with or without Edgar. It will just heal much faster with Edgar. So... I'm back on the VAC.

I'm pretty disappointed. But I pray that God will give me patience to continue to endure. Please pray for healing for, uh, both ends of my GI tract - the entrance (my mouth), and the (former) exit site! ;) The nurses at the wound clinic thought I was nuts for doing the teeth out while I was completely awake. "I'd be begging them to put me out!" I thought this was incredibly ironic, as I was the one begging them to stop while they extracted foam and tissue from my wound. I told them, no offense, but wound care is far more traumatic than having wisdom teeth out! At least they numbed me for the wisdom teeth!

Hannah ;)

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