Thursday, October 20, 2011

God's Goodness

Okay, so I haven't updated in a while... a lot has happened. I had a wound care last Friday, and the wound got a little bit bigger. Again. I was running a fever and feeling awful. The wound cultures came back negative. Despite that, the doctor suggested that I try a course of antibiotics to see if it made me feel better. At the end of the visit, a nurse suggested that I get a fresh set of eyes to look at the wound. We have not made any progress in a month.

I went to the regular doctor on Monday, and she ordered some labs and an MRI because my tummy had been hurting again right where the abscesses had been, and I was running a fever. She agreed with me to hold off on taking the antibiotics. If there wasn't any infection, they wouldn't do much except upset my stomach!

On Tuesday, I went to see the other wound care doctor. A nurse I hadn't seen before came in, and I had to remind her to wash her hands before touching my wound. She graciously complied... but I really don't think I should have had to ask!! Come on, people! The doctor thinks that the wound has too much granulation tissue, which makes it hard for the skin to cover the wound. So he burned off the excess tissue with silver nitrate. Without numbing me first. ;( Ugh. He thinks that it will need to be cauterized every week for several weeks before we see progress. Rest assured that I will ask him to numb me next time! ;) He had several ideas he wants to try before sending me back to GI to consider a UC treatment like Remicade or Humira. I also really need to be better about following my high-protein diet... I have kind of fallen off the bandwagon (and some pounds are falling off me, too, as a result). This will help my wound to heal. I also have to stand up and walk around for 30 sec after each 30 min of sitting.

Next, I went to go get my MRI (after almost passing out when I heard what it's going to cost me! My old insurance was so amazing that my new insurance seems incredibly crummy in comparison). On the way to the MRI, I got some excellent news! Many of you know that I was originally in nursing school when I got sick. During some time off school, God led me out of nursing. I have been pursuing pre-reqs for med school/Physician Assistant school since then. After months of studying for the MCAT, God tightly closed several doors at once that made medical school out of the question (although I still took the MCAT and could use my scores for up to 5 years). So, this summer, in between surgery and wound care, I finished up the remaining PA pre-reqs and applied to several PA programs. This past weekend, I was invited to interview at two schools, and, while I was driving to my MRI, received a call from one of the program directors. They offered me a spot in their program, to begin in May! AAAAAH!! When I could breathe again, I thanked the director for his call and expressed my excitement! ;) I never expected to hear back so quickly!

The doctor called me today, and thankfully, the MRI did not show ANY infection at all!! Praise God! It did show a very large ovarian cyst exactly where I was hurting, so that definitely explains the pain. I've had these cysts before, and they come and go, and I'd really rather just leave them alone! The doctor believes that my fevers (which I've been getting daily) are from my arthritis inflammation, not infection. Not too much we can do about that...

I've been off and on feeling completely awful and totally fine. It's very strange, but I'll take it! Last night, my joints completely froze up and I couldn't move! My mom had to bring my contact lens stuff downstairs to me so I could take them out without having to move. I wasn't able to sleep well from the pain, and today's been rough so far, too... hopefully it's just the weather.

The other good thing about the MRI being clear is that we can move forward with more aggressive treatment for the arthritis, if needed (I go back and forth on this, because I have times when my joints are okay, then I have times like today where I'm totally miserable and can hardly support my weight. And constant fevers are just no fun at all).

Mainly, though, I'm rejoicing in God's goodness for a clear MRI, a "next step" in my life, and for my heating pad and fleece blanket that never fail to make me feel a little bit better!

Hannah ;)

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