Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Baaaack!

Today I had more wound care... sorry, I feel like I sound like a broken record these days! ;) Unfortunately, the hospital LOST the cultures we did last week. You will recall that these take several days to grow, so this is, um, disappointing. Also unfortunately, the wound is not any smaller. It really is the same size as it was in mid-September when I got rid of Edgar. Thankfully, it's not oozing pus anymore and is a little less painful than a few weeks ago.

And ALSO unfortunately... the doctor thinks that the wound not healing is a manifestation of Ulcerative Colitis. Again. I have no colon, no rectum, no J pouch, no abscesses, and no anus, but somehow, my UC has found yet another way to rear its ugly head. Haha! At this point, it's just humorous (and slightly impressive) how it manages to come back! It's pretty stubborn, but thankfully... I'm even more stubborn.

The doctor said that IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a group of diseases encompassing Crohn's and UC) is not just a disease of the digestive system - it is a disease of the immune system, so the inflammation can come back in numerous places, even after the inflamed intestines are long-gone. We already know that I do have systemic issues - my arthritis, for example.

We repeated the wound cultures because he wants to completely rule out infection. In the meantime, I'm supposed to try to limit my sitting. Hmm... I'll letcha know how that goes! ;) The worst case scenario for this, the UC coming back in/on my wound, is that I would have to actually go back on Remicade/Humira - both heavy-duty treatments I'd prefer to not revisit.

Hannah ;)

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