Friday, October 28, 2011

Scary Costume

I had an internal struggle this week. It's not really new. See, I have a lot of days where I feel completely wiped out. I get out of bed to go fill my very cool water bottle (seriously, everyone needs one of these! They are AMAZING!) or something, then I'm completely exhausted and shaky and have to go lay down for another hour. I just don't want to do anything. Even the thought of taking a shower is too overwhelming. Then I start beating myself up - telling myself that I just need to try harder to get out of bed and do things and get a job and be productive! Then, I'll have a day where I actually have energy - and on those days I always get out and do a million things. On those days, I have no desire to lay around. So then I think, Oh, I am not just being a lazy bum on those days when I'm laying around. I really do just have bad days where I feel awful and can't do stuff. When I feel good, I feel like doing things. When I don't feel good, I don't.

My joints are continuing to flare. I also have this issue where my eyes get really dry and red when my joints flare up, so I have to wear my glasses - which are from circa 2002 and probably illegal to wear while driving - or I have to POUR eye drops into my eyes! Thankfully, my bad couple of days were followed by a great day yesterday and today. I still have more joint pain and stiffness and swelling than usual, but I actually had ENERGY!

All in all, Wednesday was not a good day for my faith in the intelligence of the human species. I went to a Fall Festival on Wednesday dressed in scrubs, because it was the scariest costume imaginable, based on my experiences that day... keep reading! ;)

Wound care this week was same song, 5th verse. The wound is still the same size. There was no need to cauterize the wound this week, thankfully. We are trying a new combination of ointments and dressings this week - this is the 6th combination we've tried since the middle of September. I asked the doctor if I really have to come in every week since the wound is not really changing. He said I do unless the wound plateaus - if it doesn't change for several weeks. I dunno, maybe I'm missing something... but my wound hasn't changed in 6 weeks... doesn't that sound like a plateau to you?

I was scheduled to see Dr. Saturday after Wound Care, but since he had wanted to see me when the wound was better, I ended up rescheduling since it hasn't changed since I saw him a month ago. Trying to do this, however, turned out to be an extreme challenge, thanks to Misinformation, his Medical Assistant. I called and left a message a day and a half before my appointment to see if Dr. Saturday actually wanted to see me. She did not return my call, so I called again the morning of my appointment. I didn't receive a call back after a few hours, so I called a third time. Understand that each time you call, first you get the automated menu, then, after punching a few keys, you can get a front desk worker, then you can be transferred to the nurse's line, which inevitably is busy. So, on the the third call, I told the lady that I needed to speak to Misinformation directly, as I had called twice before, received no response, and needed an answer before my appointment in half an hour.

Thankfully, she transferred me directly to Misinformation, who asked if I had got her message. No, she hadn't called me. "Oh. Isn't your number this?" No. It's not. She has my correct number because it's in my chart, and she's called me before, AND I left my number in my message both times that I called.
"Oh. Well, that would explain why you didn't get my message."

(Can you imagine poor John Smith or whoever she called checking their voicemail? "Hi, this is Dr. Saturday's office, calling to check up on your anal wound." Hahahaha!)

Misinformation continued, "Did you need something?" Yes, as I explained in both messages I left, I just need to know if I should keep my appointment or reschedule, because there has been no change in the size of my wound.
"Oh, sounds like we need make you an appointment to come in! Let's make an appointment." No, I already HAVE an appointment. Can you please just ask Dr. Saturday if he wants to see me or not, because there has been no change?
"Ok, let me put you on hold for a moment while I ask him."

Then she transferred me to her voicemail.

I waited a few minutes, called again, got through the automated menu to the front desk, and told them the situation for the fourth time. She transferred me to Misinformation.
"Hi Hannah," she said, "we lost you."
Hi, Misinformation. You transferred me to your voicemail.
"Oh. Well, he says he wants to see you in a month. So let me reschedule you. How's three weeks from now?" Well, if he wants to see me in a month, that would be about 4 weeks.
"Oh, well, he said a couple weeks. So like the beginning of November? Is that okay with you?" Um, when did Dr. Saturday say to come? A month, three weeks, or a week?
"Um, you know, a few weeks. I have you down for Nov. 16. Is that okay?" Yeah, it's fine. She hangs up.

Then, when checking out of Wound Care, the nurse had to ask me how to spell "assessment," because she couldn't figure it out and needed to pull up an assessment appointment for me.

See why I thought scrubs were a scary costume? ;)

Hannah ;)


  1. I remember you telling me this story in person and now even reading it makes me roll my eyes and also makes me very angry because I want to strangle that woman.

  2. Haha... yeah, it's quite a tale! And the thing is, this happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I try to call his office. it was great having you here... Love ya!