Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wound FAQ and Rise & Conquer!

So, Friday's wound care was a "same song, 2nd verse" deal. My wound is not getting smaller. It is looking a little healthier than it did on Monday, which is good. The doctor did some wound cultures to see if the wound is infected, and if so, which antibiotic would be effective.

The dark side of all of this is... 1. the wound may have a drug-resistant infection, since I've been on so many antibiotics, and 2. the wound may not be infected at all- it may be my UC coming back on my skin. Just like the ulcers from my UC moved to my J pouch, they could also set up shop in the anal area. So, sad as it sounds, we're actually HOPING it's "just" an infection! Thinking that it's UC back again is just a little too scary to dwell on!

As far as the wound goes, I'd like to address two FAQs:

Q1. The WoundVAC was working; why can't you use it again to close up the wound?

A: The WoundVAC is very effective for helping a deep wound fill in. Imagine my wound as a hole in the ground. Edgar the WoundVAC helped fill the hole in. He did his job well, and his work is done. The hole is now filled; we are just waiting for the "grass" (skin) to grow over the "dirt" (granulation tissue).

Q2: Why can't they just stitch up the wound?

A: Imagine if you took a potato peeler to your arm (emphasis on "imagine:" don't try this at home, kiddos!). You couldn't stitch that wound together, could you? My wound is similar.

Finally, I'd like to do a big shout-out to Rise and Conquer! The 3rd Annual Morse Cup Tournament, a golf tourney, was held on Saturday. This year's honorees were two kids, Philip and Sophie, who live with Crohn's/UC. These kids and their families have been through quite a bit as a result of these "crappy" diseases. I don't know the final count-up, but a LOT of money was raised that will help these families and support those fighting Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis! The most amazing thing to me was the number of volunteers who were there. It meant a lot to me, as someone who's gone through this disease, to see people wanting to lend a hand to help out others who are suffering! It really touched me, and I'm about as sentimental as your average teenage boy. Hopefully we will find a CURE for Sophie and Philip! And while we're waiting, we can give their families support so they can continue seeking the best treatment possible for their amazing kids.

Hannah ;)

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