Monday, November 28, 2011

Honey Buns

So, exactly 5 months ago today, I had my 4th surgery. Dr. Saturday removed the bit of remaining J pouch and (I hate this word...) anus, and cleaned out my pelvis, which had abscesses in it, leaving me with a 10 cm long, 8 cm deep hole. By the middle of September, after 80 days on a Wound VAC, the hole had filled in, but the skin did not grow in. Then we began experimenting with different dressings. Well, after 9 different combinations of dressings and several treatments with silver nitrate sticks, the dressing I'm using now is a dressing impregnated (that's the wording on the label, I promise) with Manuka honey.

So I'm calling myself Honey Buns.

The wound is starting to heal, finally. The skin surrounding the wound had a terrible reaction to soemthing (who knows what.... basically my skin there is allergic to/irritated by... everything). For several inches around the wound, the skin was raised and red and blistered and peeling and generally nasty. It felt about as good as it looked. Thankfully, it's healing now, which is a huge relief! I so empathize with crying babies. I now truly understand that their tears are from diaper rash.

Overall, I am doing great!! My energy is getting better and better. My joints are so much less stiff and painful. I am tapering off some of my medications since I'm having less pain and issues. I still don't have anywhere near normal energy or anything, but it's so much better! I am so thankful.

Hannah ;)

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