Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here's the basic formula for wound care posts:

"The wound looks healthy. It (choose one) has not changed in size/is slightly larger. It still is not healing. We decided to try (choose one or two) a different dressing/cauterization. I made an appointment to repeat this process in a week, then drove home."

This week and the week before also followed this pattern.

The doctor told me that I've been very lucky (I say blessed) that the wound has been open since June, yet I have not had a single infection in the wound to date. The longer the wound stays open, the greater the chance that it will get infected.

He started to discuss referral to a plastic surgeon for possible skin graft surgery. Problem is, this won't actually "take" if the wound is not healing for autoimmune reasons. Another option might be a biopsy to see why there's been no healing. A biopsy would show if I have ulcerative colitis in the wound. I see Dr. Saturday next week (click here to see why am I seeing him next week), so we'll see what he says. Hopefully he and the wound care doctor can put their heads together and figure out a good plan.

We are, of course, trying yet another new dressing. This one is pretty interesting. I've had dressings made of algae, foam, cardboard-like dressings impregnated with blue dye that is supposed to kill germs, and dressings, pastes, and powders containing silver, to name a few of the NINE combinations we've tried so far.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in line at the grocery store checkout. The lady behind me had 6 jars of honey in her basket. That was it. I asked her what she was making. She told me that she worked at a vet's office, and they put honey into the animals' wounds. It kills bacteria and promotes healing better than anything else! A friend at church had also mentioned this to me.

So, the doctor brought in a new dressing... it is soaked in honey!!! No way!! I texted my mom about it. She replied, "Sweet."

After pulling the icky sticky dressing out of my wound today for a dressing change, I'm not sure I can ever view the honey pot in the same way again...

Hannah ;)

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