Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yeah, REALLY Sweet!

Today was D-Day. Today, if my wound was the same size, I would be referred to the plastic surgeon for a discussion about my options, most likely skin graft surgery.

The nurse peeled back the sticky honey dressing... and...


There are tiny little beads of new skin starting to grow in around the edges.

For the first time in two months, I've made a step in the right direction.

Praise God!!!

The doctor cauterized the wound for the millionth time, and I wandered over to Dr. Saturday's office (with a stinging tush).

Dr. Saturday agreed to take over my wound care from here on out, which will be, like, waaaaay cheaper. And I don't have to come back for TWO weeks!!

We think that the methotrexate is already making a big difference - telling my body to quit attacking me so I can heal. I'm also drinking a protein shake every day, seeing the chiropractor 3x/week, and doing some new supplements. I also noticed a substantial increase in energy last week. Dunno which thing is helping, or if it's a combination of things, or if it's all coincidental. And then the last few days have involved steroid issues, malabsorption of meds, more fatigue, and lots of pain. BUT! The wound is getting better! And I think that the rest of my body will start following suit.

So as I put a new sticky honey dressing on my wound, I began to wax eloquent in my mind. I thought, this is the bee's knees. My wound is starting to bee-hive and life is sweeter than, well, a honey impregnated wound dressing.

Hannah ;)


  1. This is fabulous news, I've been praying for your wound to start behaving :) So happy for you, keep up the good work. Have you heard of Manuka Honey it is from New Zealand and is packed full of healing properties, I have a camomile and manuka honey tea most days :) Or I have it on toast with banana. Take care Laura x

  2. Thanks so much! The dressing I'm using actually uses Manuka honey!! Crazy! I've had several people mention that to me! How are YOU doing?
    Hannah ;)

  3. Gripped with stomach ache all afternoon, lots of pelvic pain and my staples have decided to start falling out of my bum!! Which is an interesting experience, but I really shouldn't grumble...keep smiling and keep positive. That's funny your dressing uses Manuka honey :) Im so happy it is working for you, you are heading in the right direction. You will have a barbie butt by christmas ;) x