Friday, December 30, 2011

Wound Stuff & Happy News!

Today I went to see Dr. Saturday. He came in with an intern and tried to explain my history in less than a minute. "She had some kind of inflammatory bowel disease, had a colectomy, had a J pouch that went bad and had that removed, but they left in the anal canal and sphincter, so she got pelvic abscesses and I had to remove her anus and now she has a chronic wound. Oh, and she also is adrenally insufficient and has arthritis." Not too bad! ;)

He thought the wound is still the same size. I really think it's a few milimeters smaller, and I spend more time looking at it than he does. Haha. Wednesday marked the SIX month anniversary of my last surgery. I'm kinda wondering if this wound will ever heal, but oh well. He continues to push the surgery option to try to close up the wound, and I am continuing to hold out for no surgery. The wound isn't causing any problems, it's just annoying. I don't have any guarantee that my body would heal after the surgery to close up my wound, so I'd rather just wait it out. He is okay with waiting if that's what I want to do. I don't have to go back to see him for a MONTH now! Yay! My leash is getting longer. ;)

I told him about how yucky I've been feeling - shaky, joint and muscle pain, and now some fevers. He suggested doubling up on steroids for a few weeks. After leaving his office, I decided it would be best to call the Rheumatologist peeps and get their take on what I should do. After all, Dr. Saturday is a Colorectal Surgeon, but the Rheumy specializes in arthritis. My arthritis is definitely flaring. I've been blaming the weather and stuff for the past couple weeks, but even though it's beautiful outside, I'm still swollen and hurting.

So I called on a Friday afternoon before a holiday to see if they could help me. Greaaaaaat timing. ;) Thankfully, I got the awesomest nurse ever, Dana. She got me an appointment on Monday morning at a time when the PA, Rhuemy Dr, AND Endo Doc will all be in the office. That way, everyone can weigh in on what the best course of action would be. We are thinking of a short course of prednisone (a steroid), but we need to see what Endo Doc thinks about that due to my steroid issues. This is a rarity for doctors to put their heads together, so I really hope this works out. Mad props to Dana for setting this up!

Happy news.... my friend Patt, who had her 5th surgery of 2011, is going home tomorrow! She looks fantastic and I pray that this surgery restores some quality of life to her! Today when I visited her, I asked how many surgeries she's had for her Crohn's disease... she thought this was #18. Um, makes my 4 surgeries look pretty puny! She has been through so much.

And some verrrrrry exciting news... My friend Kendra was declared CANCER FREE today!!! Praise God! She has been a complete trouper and tough as nails throughout her chemo. Her feisty, persevering character has shown through as she tackled tests, treatments and side effects head on... all while continuing to hold down a job. She still has to do one more treatment to help her stay in remission, and she will have to have labs and scans with annoying frequency, but what GREAT news!

Today I'm thankful. God is good. He is so good. Much better than we deserve. From cancer-free friends, to release from the hospital with hopes of a better life, to doctors and nurses helping me take care of my health issues, to the beautiful weather... I am so blessed.

Hannah ;)

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