Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Beat

Sorry, it's been awhile again! I've been pretty busy doing really fun things and living life (that's a good thing).

My wound still isn't showing much progress. It was looking bigger. Now it's back to how it was a few weeks ago. Honestly, we haven't made

significant progress since Thanksgiving-ish, which is disappointing. I am still trying to drink protein shakes every day, since my eating is still kinda spotty at times. My joints are doing fantastic! I have had a little bit of stiffness for the past few days, but overall, they are the best they've been in MONTHS. Yay! *happy dance, which I can now actually DO, since I'm not stiff*

I have been experiencing some annoying issues - fatigue, dizziness, shaking, and heart racing - in addition to increased muscle pain. At first, I just thought I was tired from the arthritis flare, then realized that the flare was over, but I was still having these episodes. I noticed that during these episodes, my heart was going really fast... Hmm. Early last week, after taking my pulse for a few days in a row, and finding it to consistently be in the 120s (my normal heart rate is about half that!), I called the Endo Doc. She didn't call back, so I tried increasing my fluids (added 2 liters of half-strength Gatorade with added salt daily), which helped a little.

I also accidentally took extra steroids on Monday. I know, stupid. I have a really good system for taking meds so that this doesn't happen...I just didn't follow it on Monday. Oops. Anyways, my heart stopped racing, I stopped shaking, I had way less pain overall, and I felt really good. Interesting.

Endo Doc finally returned my call on Wednesday this week, while I was still feeling good from the extra steroids.
She said that if my heart rate was that high that I should come in for IV fluids or go to the ER.

Um, if it is that serious, why did it take her a week to get back to me?!? Anyhow... with the extra steroids still in my system, I was fine. I am supposed to take my blood pressure and pulse daily in both a seated and standing position. If the heart rate goes up 15-20 beats per minute when I stand, that means it's time for medical intervention.

She thinks that the symptoms I've been experiencing for the past few weeks are fallout from the stress my body was under during the arthritis flare. So, in the future, I will need to take extra steroids whenever I flare, as well as any time I get sick - even with a cold. Hopefully, this will prevent me from having the adrenal issues I've been fighting for the past few weeks. She hoped that the one day of extra steroids would be enough to get my body back on track...
This is exactly what I look like
when I'm downing Gatorade

however, I started feeling yucky again Thursday, and crashed Friday afternoon (complete with a pretty dramatic change in heart rate - but don't tell Endo Doc because I did NOT go to the ER!). ;( Two liters of Gatorade later, I was feeling better, and my heart rate dropped 25 beats per minute. I am so thankful that my stomach behaved so that I actually absorbed the Gatorade, AND that just drinking was enough to make me feel more stable tonight! I can't count the number of times I've needed IV fluids because my stomach couldn't absorb what I drank by mouth.

So that's the beat on what's going on with me! I think I may need to go up on my steroids for a while to get my body back in equilibrium - and get my heart rate to stay down! I am thankful that God is in control of this (and every) situation. I hope that things settle down very soon...without needing to get IV fluids.

Hannah ;)

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