Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joint Effort

Yesterday I went to see the Rheumy folks. It ended up being a 2.5+ hour appointment (mostly waiting). I didn't mind, because I was very grateful that people were putting their heads together and trying to think big-picture in deciding how to treat my arthritis. This Joint Effort (haha, get it??) honestly is pretty rare in medicine these days. First, I saw the PA, who had just spoken with Endo Doc. Endo Doc was NOT in favor of increasing steroids. For one thing, we have worked SO hard to get me to the level of steroids I'm at right now, and two, she thinks that I had joint issues even when on a much higher dose of steroids. Thirdly, yesterday was the first day in three weeks that my joints were NOT visibly swollen (this happens almost every single time I go to the Rheumy). I'm very happy about that, but it makes it hard to convince the doctor that yes, I really am having joint issues. ;) There are labs that they check for inflammation - but mine were normal. I had to explain that mine have always been normal, even during a bad UC flare-up - my body is just special like that! The only sign of inflammation is that I'm still running a low-grade fever.

Then I had to wait again so that the PA could talk to the Rheumy doctor. THEN the doctor came in and we basically started over again. In typical fashion, she asked me if I thought my symptoms were stress-related (she always is thinking that I am depressed/anxious). She said that Christmas is a very stressful time for most people. Um, it's like my favorite time of the year and I love being able to spend time with my family because they are awesome. So... no, don't think it's stress related. So then she said it was probably "good stress" related. Okay... sure. ;/

The end point was that I will up my meth a bit because I'm still on a pretty low dose of it. I also got to talk PA school with the PA for quite a while, and she had lots of good tips and advice!

Thankfully... I actually had a fantastic day yesterday and was hurting a lot less! So maybe this flare-up is on the way out... we shall see! I continue to remain thankful to God for using my surgeries to get rid of the abscesses and give me better health.

Hannah ;)

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