Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Interesting" Week

Well, I have again been remiss about posting. I had another "interesting" week this week. Quite honestly, I prefer the boring weeks! I did very well on the higher dose of steroids. I felt great, my heart settled down, my energy was amazing! Then, in the middle of last week, I tapered down a step. I did fine for the first several days, but by this Monday, I was flat on my back and still felt dizzy. Ugh. I called the doctor on Wednesday, and she had me go back up on steroids again. Thursday was better, but by Friday morning, I was feeling awful again.

I saw Jack Black at the beginning of the month. He upped one of my pain meds a bit so I can have better pain control, since we think that my pain level is contributing to my high heart rates. It's a balancing act that I've yet to perfect - taking enough meds to not be incapacitated by pain, but not feeling loopy from drugs. So far, the pain med from Rheumy PA has not made a difference (except I fear it may be playing a role in my dizziness), which is quite disappointing, but we still have room to increase the dosage on it.

I'm going back to see the Endo Doc tomorrow morning... hopefully she will have some good ideas for how to "fix" me! This has not been fun - it's been a big step in the wrong direction. Since my symptoms aren't responding to steroids, the signs are pointing to the autonomic dysfunction we discussed at my last visit. Please pray that she will be able to discern what's going on and how best to help me feel functional again. Also, if I need to be referred to another specialist, it could easily be a 6 month wait. Since I start PA school in May, I'd REALLY like to get this under control before then! Thankfully, God is in control, and He can use whatever means He wants to heal me, if that's His will. He is not limited by doctors or waiting lists or my complex body. ;)

Hannah ;)

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