Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Date Change

So... surgery just got moved to FRIDAY afternoon.

I'm reminded that being in the hospital means that everything changes! Your schedule is not your own!

Tomorrow, I'm doing a test that involves dye... the kind of dye that gives me an anaphylactic reaction - throwing up, hives, itching, burning, wheezing, being put on oxygen. I had never seen medical personnel move so quickly in all my life, and I hope to never witness that ever again.

To prevent this reaction, I am being premeditated with lots of steroids tonight (wheee!! I'll probably be up all night!!), and more steroids plus benadryl tomorrow before the test. I did NOT feel very comfortable about having this dye again, but I've been assured by the radiologists and Dr. Professor that they wouldn't do this test if it wasn't safe, and that they feel it is absolutely necessary to do this test and know the results before going into surgery. They also told me that the dye shouldn't be going in my bloodstream, so the chance of a reaction would be very minimal even without the pre medications.

Hopefully, they can visualize the fistula better so that they go into surgery with a little bit more information.

I got a PICC line today... #5! Each one leaves a small, round white scar. I am excited to see what the scar pattern on my arm will be after I get this one out. Maybe I can play "Connect the Dots" on my arm!

Dr. Saturday also agreed to consider a makeover for Squirt... YAY! He has always been a bit more "protuberant" than the "ideal" stoma, but he prolapsed a bit more several weeks ago. He's now hanging a good 2-3 inches off my belly, and I can't get him to go back in. He rubs against the plastic part of the flange, which occasionally causes bleeding and is very mildly uncomfortable. He is also getting to be a little bit more of a challenge to conceal. It's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but if I'm having surgery ANYWAYS... I might as well get it fixed! Next up... tummy tuck and lipo! ;) Just kidding...

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support! I know I sound like a broken record, but it means so much! God is good!

Hannah ;)

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  1. So...I thought...if you're going to the hospital anyway might want to take Kyle. And if you get peanut butter, get smooth!

    Thought you could use a Brian Regan shout-out. :)