Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hospital Limbo

There's a truism among hospital patients that you have about 5 days after surgery to get out of the hospital. If you don't... more and more problems start popping up and your stay gets longer and longer and longer.  

I kind of feel like I've hit this point! ;) Stuck in hospital limbo!

This weekend was pretty miserable with lots of nausea and belly pain. It was probably the worst I've felt since coming to the hospital! Things are more manageable now with two different round the clock nausea medicines. I did have a bad bout yesterday evening with really intense nausea and pain, but thankfully, we were able to get on top of it quickly and I felt fine a few hours later. I am really blessed with incredible nurses and doctors - they make SUCH a huge difference. I have received amazing care above and beyond what I could imagine!

The good news in all of this is that I am on a lot of IV fluids to make up for the fact that: 1. I'm not drinking and 2. I am losing over a liter of fluid per day from Squirt, even if I don't eat or drink anything! The IV fluids have essentially cured my POTS symptoms! I have NO racing heart, shakiness, dizziness... my stamina is so much better than usual, and I can stand up for long periods of time without seeing black spots everywhere. My body just seems SO much calmer and happier because of the IV fluids. It's made me realize just how awful the POTS makes me feel, since I feel like a different person when I'm on them. Now I'm nervous about giving up my IV fluids - wondering if my POTS be worse after I'm off of them, since my body will be used to the extra fluid volume. But I don't have to face that battle today!

Dr. Saturday decided to start TPN (feeding through a vein) yesterday to give me some nutrition. I didn't really eat for the first week when I was in the hospital, because I was hurting a lot and felt so sick. Since the surgery, I haven't eaten much, either... so it's been a couple weeks since I've really eaten! He also told me to start picking at meals - trying to eat a few bites here and there. I am nauseated, but super hungry - such a weird feeling! I dream about food and eating! Don't take it for granted, folks!!

Dr. Professor came by today informally, just to say hi. He said that he kept hoping I'd get better and go home over the weekend... but my tummy had other plans! He is such a nice doctor.

Please keep my family in your prayers... having me be in the hospital is rough on them. I'm also dealing with a lot of disappointment... I had to postpone starting my Physician Assistant program for a year. God knows what He's doing, and I'll get there in His timing if that's where He wants me to be. And if it's not His will, then He'll lead me in a different direction!

But in the meantime, I'm in limbo.

Hannah ;)

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