Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hospital Run

Yesterday I talked with Dr. Saturday. My MRI showed a fluid collection in the left side of my pelvis, and they could see lots of pus and stuff in my vagina and some pretty significantly abnormal stuff like that. They still can't tell if the fluid collection is connecting with my vagina and if that's where the drainage is coming from, or if there's another infection inside my reproductive tract or what. They just don't know. So... the best option is to open me up.

I have had so many surgeries, and each surgery creates scar tissue and adhesions. Also, all the abscesses and infections cause scarring, as well. So, they will attempt to do the surgery laparoscopically, but Dr. Saturday warned me that they will most likely end up converting to an open surgery with a big incision. He said it probably won't be safe to do it laparoscopically.

Dr. Saturday said that he needs to coordinate with a gynecologist, and they will do the surgery together. Dr Saturday is a colorectal surgeon - and I don't have a colon OR a rectum - but he knows my anatomy and quirks of my body quite well, and I would feel much more comfortable with him in the OR.

Last night found me with escalating pain levels that no amount of meds touched. After hours of total misery, I called Dr. Saturday, who advised going to the ER to get checked out and get some pain relief.

In the ER, I was greatly gladdened to see a familiar face - a nurse I've had a couple times. He has been absolutely amazing every time I've seen him -- and yesterday was no exception!! He is now a Nurse Practitioner, and he took such excellent care of me last night. He knew I would be a hard stick, and sent in the resident IV starting expert (who successfully got in a vein on the first try!). Thankfully, we got my pain under control. I got some fluids, a dose of IV antibiotics, and a prescription for some more oral antibiotics. My white count is elevated, unsurprisingly, but it's not scary high, and thankfully, my other lab work looked pretty good, so they sent me home.

I talked to Dr. Saturday today... the abscess is "flaring" or acting up again, causing this crazy inflammatory reaction leading to intense pain in my whole body - abdomen, joints, and muscles. You can feel the heat radiating off my joints. ;( He will see me on Monday, and admit me to the hospital. They will expedite the surgery, since it needs to happen pretty urgently. If my pain gets too crazy bad again, I'm supposed to call Dr. Saturday, and he will admit me sooner.

So... to the hospital on Monday for yet another surgery.

I'm choosing to see the goodness of God. He has provided great people to care for me - the nurse who started my IV, the NP in the ER, and Dr. Saturday. While the pain is really awful, God is using it to expedite the surgery process, making it more likely that I'll be able to start school as planned. My family has been so wonderful to take care of me. I have the support and prayers of many friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. I am God's child. Things are going GREAT spiritually. God is good.

Hannah ;)

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  1. Your in my prayers Hannah, I hope the surgery went well and your not in too much pain x