Saturday, May 12, 2012

It Went Well

If you had to have surgery, the experience should be this good every time.

This is Hannah's Mom.  I wanted to let you know how things went for Hannah in surgery today.

It went well.

The nurse anesthetist was the first member of the surgical team Hannah met.  He had graduated from her alma mater: apparent by the color of his cap - and the logo, (Go frogs!)  and, of course, indicated a high caliber of skill and knowledge.  The Anesthesiologist was the head of the department - the best they have.  And that whole team was thorough, had a great plan for pre-op, for during the operation, and for pain control afterwards. They assured Hannah that she would receive her dose of steroids.  In fact they let her watch them give the steroids just before they went to surgery.

Doctor Professor came next and met Daddy. He said he goes into surgery with much prayer. What peace that comment and stance brought to Hannah, her Dad and me!!

Dad and I left the Pre-op area as they began to ready her to move to the operating room.  An hour later we got a call indicating they were just starting the surgery.

After an hour and a half Dr. Saturday came to report.  There were very few adhesions and those that were there were slight and easy to detach.  He gave Squirt a face lift - making Squirt shorter and with less circumference. He also noted that they found no fluid collection or abscess that would explain the drainage and infection Hannah has been experiencing.  But he said there was a large cyst on her ovary.  As he said "large" he held up his fist the indicate its size. He also said he was done in surgery. The details about the cyst would better be explained by Dr. Professor who specializes in that area of the body.

Half an hour later Dr. Professor came to speak to us.  He said that the cyst was the suspicious character in the story.  The cyst had wound itself around one ovary and fallopian tube.  He said the cyst was large, and needed to be removed, along with the ovary and tube. He thinks that the cyst was connected to the tube, most likely causing the drainage problem.  He took samples from a number of areas, looking for infection.  Everything has been sent for pathology reports with results expected by Tuesday.

Recovery went very smoothly - enough pain meds and good control of nausea.  At Hannah's request they let one parent stay with her during the time in recovery.

Hannah was in surgery for 2 hours.
God provided a great Anesthesia team.
God provided two doctors who took great care with her.
God moved on the heart of the recovery charge nurse so her Mom and Dad could be with her.
Squirt got a face-lift.
And it looks like the doctors found a suspect for the drainage problem.

If you had to have surgery, the experience should be this good every time.
Reporting for Hannah,

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