Friday, May 18, 2012


So... unfortunately, I've been extremely nauseated since my last post. It's been pretty intense, and this is probably the worst I've felt since being in the hospital! Bummer! Dr. Saturday made me NPO yesterday morning after he found me leaning over my little pink bucket during rounds. This is a huge setback... first I have to be NPO for a day, then I can have liquids for a day or two, then I have to be able to eat for a day or two...

The good news is that my incisional pain is pretty much gone! I've been able to move around really well from the first day after this surgery, which is pretty amazing to everyone, including me! No one can believe that I just had open abdominal surgery. It really only hurts when I cough or something. This is a HUGE blessing... just remembering where I was back in 2010 after my J pouch removal surgery - even after a week, getting out of bed was a MAJOR ordeal and excruciatingly painful. So this is great. Trying to focus on the positives here. ;)

Sadly, even being NPO yesterday did not calm down my tummy. I am dumping really, really bad. This morning, I broached the topic of getting a pass from the hospital to go to the Take Steps Walk on Saturday. He was not very excited about that. He said that with the amount of output I'm having that I am simply not stable. Even a few hours off my IV could result in such bad dehydration that it could damage my kidneys.

There are no words for how disappointed I am!

I am so tremendously thankful for all the support I've received during this hospital stay and all the time from so many friends. I've been blown away with your generosity in helping me meet (and now exceed) my personal fundraising goal. And I looked forward to thanking some of you personally at the Walk on Saturday. It's still not entirely out of the question... he said we could discuss it more tonight... so we'll see.

Like I said, thanks to your help, I've EXCEEDED my fundraising goal! But my team is still about $100 short of our team goal! Please, if you're able, go online and donate $5 or $10 to help us reach our goal! We're raising funds for people like me - people who suffer from Crohn's and Colitis, who spend weeks on end in the hospital, live in pain, are not able to eat by mouth, take harsh medications many times a day, and constantly be monitored by their doctors. We need better treatments. We need more research. We need more support. Please help us reach our goal!

Hannah ;)

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  1. I'm walking today! I'll try to muster some extra effort for you! I'm having a total colectomy Monday so it's my big sendoff!!