Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

My tummy is still having some issues getting straightened out... after you have surgery, you have to wait for your stomach to "wake up" from the anesthesia/trauma of surgery before you can eat or drink. We knew that my stomach was definitely awake, since on Sunday, I had a TON of output, although I was still NPO (nil per os, nothing by mouth). So on Monday, I started on a clear liquid diet.

Unfortunately, I got very distended and my belly hurt a fair amount. Perhaps my tummy wasn't very awake after all? Then, in the night, I suddenly had tons of output - enough that I nearly blew out Squirt's bag and my labs and other signs indicated that I was very dehydrated! We spent yesterday trying to catch up with my fluids and electrolytes - in addition to doubling my IV fluids, I had to get several bags of potassium.

Yesterday, Dr. Saturday allowed me to eat food, too - figured adding in some carbs would help my tummy to absorb some of those fluids. Things went better by the evening, thankfully. Today I got another tube out, but have been struggling with nausea more. I'm trying to ease into eating and drinking slowly. Feels like I still have a ways to go, but I am doing so very well, all things considered!

Dr. Professor said that the pathology on the cyst came back. It showed lots of infection, inflammation, and scar tissue. There was a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, but the main large cyst was apparently an infection that came from the fallopian tube, and had destroyed the fallopian tube and ovary on the left side. He thinks that the infection came from that old abscess spot where I've had so many infections in the past. He said that he thinks I'll feel much better in my belly now that I have the softball-to-grapefruit-sized mass of infection outta there! Unbelievable!

I was up most of the night with bad muscle pain... boo. It's making a comeback. Today wasn't as good of a day as yesterday, with more pain and nausea and just feeling kind of blah. Hopefully this is just another little bump in the road. I sincerely hope to be out of the hospital by Saturday for Take Steps!! If not, I will try to get a day pass so I can still be present at the Walk! I am so thankful to y'all for your support in this - Team is at 87% of our fundraising goal! Please help us out today so that YOU can make a difference in the lives of people like me who suffer from IBD!

Hannah ;)

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