Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday and today, the doctors have been running all sorts of tests due to the elevated white count. They've drawn so many tubes of blood that I'm surprised I'm not anemic! ;)

Dr. Saturday decided that he really needed to see a CT scan. I have held out long and hard on this one, since I've had so many that it's a radiation risk, the oral contrast makes me sick, and the IV contrast sends me into anaphylaxis! But he said he just had to have it, so yesterday and this morning, I was premeditated with lots of steroids and benadryl. I love the steroids... I feel so much less pain when I'm on them! Wheee!

The actual CT was okay. I was very nervous about having another reaction. I made my mom come down to radiology with me in case something happened. The radiologists monitored me very closely the whole time. I did get an itchy tongue and throat at the end, and was pretty nauseated. They gave me an extra shot of benadryl, which took care of the itchiness! Praise God for no anaphylactic reaction!! Most relieved.

Dr. Saturday is going out of town for the long weekend... leaving his partner in charge of me. His name is Dr. Opposite. Whatever I say, he hears the opposite. He comes in and asks how I'm doing. I'll say, "I'm feeling really crummy today," and he'll reply, "That's great! You're looking fantastic!" Every. Single. Time. I don't really know where the communication breakdown is occurring... it's really funny. Anyways, this morning, they talked about how I needed to stay on TPN (IV nutrition) for a few more days, until I start eating better. So I was very surprised when my nurse came and took down my TPN! Apparently, they changed their minds after talking to me... I guess I'm off TPN now. So frustrating to hear one thing and then have the complete opposite thing happen.

I'm pretty nervous about having Dr. Opposite taking care of me this weekend, since he does NOT listen to me... God is in control, though! I think I am making some progress... still really struggling with nausea and intermittent stomach pain, but my stomach is absorbing, which is good. Baby steps...

Please pray that the CT will be a good test and that the doctors will get the results as quickly as possible!

Hannah ;)

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