Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Cups Runneth Over

When you get home from the hospital, the first order of business is to go to the pharmacy and fill all the new prescriptions that you need (the second order of business is to remove all hospital armbands, and the third order of business is to scrub the hospital tape residue off all sites on your body where they put sticky stuff, and the fourth order of business is to find a new home for all those medicine cups you saved throughout your hospital stay).

My mom graciously went to the pharmacy for me. I am super weak and stuff these days. I told her which prescriptions I needed (most of them I had already at home in my extensive home pharmacy!).  One of the medicines is a liquid.

 There were some significant issues (still ongoing) with obtaining the correct amount of the prescription (Misinformation were involved... that should tell you all you need to know...), but my mom was able to get a small bottle. The doctor had written for a 0.5 ml dose. Here's a 5 ml dose on the right:

Now imagine 1/10 of that. Um, hello! I had been taking this medicine in the hospital, and I knew it was supposed to be 5 ml, but my mom didn't know. The pharmacy doubted that the 0.5 ml was correct, and so they called Dr. Saturday's office to check it out, but were mistakenly told that, no, I was supposed to take 0.5 ml.

Once my mom got home and explained the situation to me, I knew that this wasn't right, and the "month supply" of the med would only last a few days if I used it at the proper dosage. It was evening by this time so, I called Misinformation the next day. She checked with the doctor, and yeah, it should have been written as 5 ml. I am still not quite sure how they made such an error! Just imagine if they went 10x in the opposite direction - 10 x too big - that would be enough to poison you! Scary!

Misinformation told me that she faxed in the corrected order, but when I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up the med, they had absolutely no record of it ever being sent over. The pharmacist had me fill out a paper request for the med that they would fax to Dr. Saturday's office. I also called and left a message with Misinformation requesting that the prescription be sent to the pharmacy. She called me back today, and said, "I did TOO send it to the pharmacy!!" I asked when, and said I'd call the pharmacy again, but as of yesterday evening, they had no record of it.

I called the pharmacy again, and they still said they'd never gotten a prescription of the med. I called Misinformation back and said, "Maybe you sent it, but the pharmacy did not get it. Can you call it in again, please?" She refused quite fiercely. We ended up on a 3-way call with her, me and the pharmacy. The pharmacy confirmed that they never received the order, and Misinformation yelled at THEM on the phone about it for awhile. The pharmacist nicely asked if she could just fax it over again. She said, "No, I got a fax from you today requesting that I fax a script for this med over! How could I get that unless you already had a script?" I explained that that request was from ME from yesterday... but she didn't listen. Anyways, the pharmacist finally got her to calm down enough to agree to call in the medication again. Hopefully I can pick it up soon! Ooh the drama!

Here's the funny part of the story. As my mom checked out with the little bottle of syrup, the pharmacist asked:

"Now, do you need any little measuring cups for dispensing the medicine?"

"No," my mom replied, "I think we have a few at home."

Hannah ;)


  1. I am not sure how you could have even .5 ml of composure left after dealing with this Misinformation! The incompetence is maddening. Seriously, how does she still have a job in the medical profession? There, I've done the venting for you. Now you can relax and heal :-)

  2. Hi there...just hoping you are doing ok since I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. I'm glad to see they got your meds straightened out. Continuing to pray for you! Keep that sense of humour going, girl!

  3. People are such can always tell who is someone who has never been sick, hospitalized etc... because they think you are ridiculous for wanting/needing basic things to handle your health and sickness. Especially in this specialty, I'm convinced GI offices should only hire people who have experience with GI issues!!!