Sunday, July 1, 2012

Post-Op Fun

Well, this week was an improvement over last week:

I had only TWO doctor's appointments, and both of them were on the same day! So I only had to have one medical day this week, and it was on Friday - I just had to get through that day, and then it was the weekend! ;)

I saw Dr. Professor and Dr. Saturday. Two doctors, one day. Boo-yah!

Dr. Professor was fine. I am still having some possible issues, so he's running a few tests to make sure that it's nothing serious. He did a quick ultrasound and everything looks good, except that I have a big ovarian cyst on my remaining ovary. He told me I could go on a medicine to prevent them, since the cyst is large enough that he expects it to be rather painful, but I would have to be in a whole lot of pain to go on another medicine at this point! They don't really bother me much. 

This is from Googling "apoyo" 
He also told me I'm looking about a hundred times better than I did at the hospital. Not being in the hospital has been the most effective treatment I've ever tried. ;) He said he was so glad I was having less pain. He said I went through a pretty unimaginable time, and reminded me just how blessed I am to have amazing support from my family. I couldn't agree more. He also commented that I seem to have a pretty incredible network of friends, as well. I agreed heartily. So family and friends: thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You will never know how much your encouragement and prayers and texts and emails and messages and letters and flowers supported me and helped me through the most difficult days I've faced so far. 

This is NOT what my ultrasound looked like
We went over my pathology from the cyst he removed. Basically, it was a benign cyst that formed around the fallopian tube and ovary and stuck itself to the wall in my pelvis where the abscess had been. Dr. Professor told me how he thinks this happened. I guess the fallopian tube is open to the abdominal/pelvic cavity. So when I had those abscesses in my pelvis, some of the bacteria got loose and went into the fallopian tube. This caused a big cyst to form to try to encapsulate this bacteria, to prevent the germs from making me very sick. He reiterated that it was a very good thing that they removed this cyst, as it was getting very large. I guess it's just not looked upon as healthy to have big masses growing inside you. Well... unless it's a baby. Never mind. 

Option A for How Dr. Saturday views my body
Dr. Saturday was also fine... he saw me in the hallway and said, "Uh oh. It's Hannah. Wait, she's smiling again! That must be good!" It reminded me how far I've come - that I CAN smile now! I feel like I was the constant Bearer of Bad News for the whole hospitalization, so it was nice to be able to say that things are so much BETTER! When you are always groaning and moaning about stuff, even the nicest of doctors start to get a wee bit antagonistic after awhile. There in the hallway, Dr. Saturday made the comment that he doesn't have any idea what else he could possibly have to do to me (surgically speaking). I reminded him that he had said that to me twice before...and two more times, he's opened me back up. He said, "Well, you keep on springing new problems!" 

Option B for How Dr. Saturday views my body
In the office, he said, "Well, you sure are an enigma." No one can figure out exactly why my body decided to go haywire with this autoimmune inflammatory reaction, but he's pretty sure that this was triggered by the trauma and "assault" of surgery (doctorspeak - they like the word "assault"). If you recall, my body also went completely haywire after my 2010 J pouch removal surgery, and no one was sure why at that time, either. This time it was weird, because it was like a delayed reaction. It doesn't make any sense, but then again, my body does NOT follow any of the rules! After each of the surgeries I've had with him, I've always thought, "Wow - after these post-op visits, I'll be totally done with this doctor and I won't ever have to come see him again!" Not that I dislike him, I just would rather have my list of doctors be one doctor shorter! ;) But each time, it has proved to be God's will for me to continue my professional relationship with Dr. Saturday. So this time, I am NOT allowing myself to think or say that this will be the end!

It was good, but weird to be back at the hospital, which had been my home for so many days... I kept reaching for my trusty IV pole, but it was nowhere to be found. ;) And that's a feeling I can get used to! I am very thankful to God, my family, my friends, my doctors, my nurses and techs (several of whom I saw and chatted with as I walked the hospital halls)... I am very blessed indeed. God is so good to me. 

Hannah ;)

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