Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Bleeding Update

I followed up with my doctor last week, and she prescribed me anticoagulant pills, which I started taking this weekend. I have to follow up with her a few times a week to get my blood levels checked - they want to keep my blood "thin:" it needs to clot much more slowly than normal. Thankfully, they are able to check this with a mere finger stick - no big needle in a vein needed, which is great news for me, my veins, and the lab tech!

On Monday, I followed up with the doctor for the second time. Unfortunately, my levels are quite low- my blood is still clotting "normally," and they'd like it to clot much more slowly than that. The doctor commented that people typically have to stay in the hospital until they are successfully transitioned onto an oral anticoagulant and their levels are adequate - I'd STILL be stuck in the hospital! I should probably send Dr. D flowers for allowing me to stay at home. If I'd have stayed in the hospital, I probably would have caught someone else's bugs, had poor pain control, be awakened several times per night, be continually poked, kept the entire nursing staff busy trying to keep an IV going... and I would have probably developed some new problem. I just don't do well in the hospital. Have I mentioned I'm thankful that I'm at home? ;)

Tuesday was a day of great rejoicing, as I finished my twice-daily anticoagulant shots. I was running out of non-bruised places on my hips to inject!

I noticed that all the veins on the right side of my upper body are sticking out in a lovely pattern - I look like Spiderman on that side, which is really cool! Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I still lack the ability to make a web or swing myself between buildings. I will keep trying daily, although I do have to be careful to not fall in my anti-coagulated state. Bleeding out in the process of saving innocent citizens from evil villains is not cool.

Due to my brush with death a few weeks ago, I've skipped two doses of my methotrexate. The meth is supposed to keep my arthritis in remission. Well, I guess it was doing quite a good job, because without it... I feel terrible. Since Friday, I've been simply exhausted - sleeping away most of the day, and still lacking energy when I do wake up. All my joints are terribly stiff, swollen, and achy. I feel pretty bad most of the time. The doctor advised me to just lay low this week... not that I have the energy to do otherwise... My pain has definitely increased quite a bit, and so I've increased my meds accordingly, but really wish I didn't have to. Hopefully the methotrexate will kick in really quickly and destroy the inflammation in my body that's causing all the pain.

In happy news: while I was in the hospital, I changed my bag and discovered that the wound beside Squirt is now TOTALLY HEALED. That's right! ;) YAAAAAY! Praise God! It's a small thing, but I am incredibly thankful for this healing. And this time, it didn't take 9 months - it "only" took 4.5 months! I recently also passed up the one year anniversary of kissing Edgar the WoundVAC goodbye - I am so thankful for that! I had an open wound on my backside for over 9 months, and I still shoot up many a thankful prayer almost each time I sit down and DON'T experience the pain of sitting on an open wound. That was a long, hard road, and I feel very blessed to be on the "tail end" of butts about it! ;)

Hannah ;)

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