Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Squirt!

Dear Squirt,

Happy birthday!
I can't believe you're three years old today... not that it's been totally your fault, but it's been quite the experience so far! I sincerely and earnestly hope that our next three years together will have quite a bit less excitement and adventure than the first three. I must say, there's never been a dull moment with us, has there? In three years, you've been born, re-made, and re-made again. Here's hoping you can maintain your current form for several years to come!

Squirt, your birthday also symbolizes the end of my struggles with my inflamed colon (whether or not it was the end of my illness is sort of up for debate, as I've continued to be quite sick, and my doctors lately are leaning towards a "Crohn's disease" label for me)! While removing my colon ended up being less than the promised "cure," I do not regret my colectomy. In fact, I see you, Squirt, my ostomy, as a symbol of the freedom I enjoy since surgery.

I found this on Google Images - thanks! ;)
To illustrate the complications of life with a sick colon: before surgery, even a simple trip to the grocery store was a stress-inducing experience. I got rather panicky if I wasn't behind the wheel of the car - only the driver has the freedom to randomly pull over at gas stations to use the bathroom. Once I arrived at the store, I needed to know where the bathroom was inside. The urge to "go" seemed to always strike when I was at the furthest point in the store from the bathroom. To counter this, I usually chose to shop at small grocery stores... and when the urge came, I'd just leave my cart and make a run for it, hoping to make it on time. ;)

Squirt, thanks to you, I am no longer at the mercy of an inflamed, ulcerated colon... no more must I exercise my bathroom radar. I don't have to wake up an extra few hours early or avoid eating breakfast to attempt to curb the number of bathroom trips. I don't have to dread or fear sudden urges to go to the bathroom during church, sporting events, concerts, car trips, during school tests, and I don't have to try to hide or explain embarrassingly interminable bathroom trips. I'm fine being the passenger in a car. In short, despite wearing a bag of poop on my belly, I'm so much more "normal" than I ever was with my sick colon.

While living with you was not something I would have chosen or desired, I have wasted hardly a moment in thoughts of discontentment or wishing that I didn't have you. I'm thankful to have you, and I'm thankful that my colon is gone. I praise God for the freedom I've enjoyed, thanks to you. So to my eternal "sidekick:" many happy returns.

Hannah ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Squirt, Happy Birthday to you!! :) Wishing you and Squirt many years of happiness and less trips to the hospital ;) x