Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Home, Back Again, Home Again: Part I

Many thanks to all for your encouragement and support during my last hospital stay! I wasn't up for many visitors, but I was so thankful for the love and care that so many people showed me!

So...Sunday night was a rather challenging night. I had to skip many of my oral meds for the first few days of the hospitalization - I couldn't keep anything down, and even if I had kept it down, I was unable to absorb anything.The doctor replaced many of the pills with IV medications. One of hte meds I had to stop was my main pain med, one that stays in your system for several days. So, although I skipped it on Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday, I didn't feel the effects until Sunday. And wow, I tell you what, that medicine has been working great, because without it, I was suddenly in a ton of pain on Sunday night. 

It was the weekend at the hospital around shift change - sounds like the perfect set-up for a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions - the absolute worst possible time to have a problem that requires your nurse (who just wants to go home) to page a doctor (who is a random doctor who's never heard of you before). There was quite a bit of delay and drama and miscommunication and misunderstanding... and in the meantime, I suffered. I am so thankful that I was at a hospital just a few minutes from home, so my mom popped in to advocate for me. By midnight, over 6.5 hours later, we had a slightly better plan in place, and I was able to be comfortable enough go to bed.

Monday morning dawned, and my nurse broke the news to me that several of my electrolytes were pretty "off," so she doubted I'd get to go home that day. I was really bummed, but thankfully, the nurse talked with the doctor, and they cut me a deal: if I could drink down a very, very nasty concoction of electrolytes, they'd allow me to go home. If not, I'd have to stay until late evening/early morning Tuesday to go home. Guess what I chose? ;) I would have consumed a few dozen electrolyte shakes to get out of the hospital! 

This hospitalization left me with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was sort of ideal. I came in very sick, but the doctors and nurses knew just what to do, and they did it, after consulting with my specialist by phone while I was in the room (so I could add details as needed). After I was admitted, I woke up each morning feeling substantially better than I had the day before. As I prepared to go home, I had to change back to oral meds, eating by mouth, and drinking LITERS of fluid. My body responded wonderfully, absorbing pills, food, and drink. I felt more energetic and healthy and strong. It's rare that I leave the hospital feeling better!

On the negative end, it's very scary how quickly I went from feeling fine to being septic! We'll never know for sure what exactly I had going on - the doctor thinks I probably had a viral GI bug, plus a bacterial infection in my blood (called a superinfection - you are weak from fighting off a virus, so a bacteria easily infects the person), so there's no real way to prevent this reaction.

Please join me in thanking God for bringing me through another hospitalization! And pray that I will be able to stay healthy and that God would protect me rom further SIRS reactions!

Hannah ;)

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