Monday, February 25, 2013

More Troubles!

So... I wrote up that last lovely post, only to have to pop into the ER dark and early this morning. My heart was going crazy - heart rate was increasing by 40 beats per minute when I stood up! Needless to say, I was very lightheaded and dizzy. I have been drinking a fair amount, and although my tummy is not feeling well, I am not losing a terrible amount of fluid due to output, so I am not really sure why I am getting so orthostatic and feeling this way. It may be my POTS acting up, or my body starting to crack around the edges after several weeks now of not eating well. Anyways, for whatever reason, I was in dire need of some IV fluids.

Remember what a great experience I had last week at the ER? Everyone was nice, everything went smoothly... This time, not so much. It was a rough visit on a lot of levels, and that's all I'm going to say because if I say anything else I will end up saying something that I will later regret and I don't want to do that so let's just say it was a rough morning and leave it at that shall we? ;) Thankfully, I got the fluids I needed, and they made me feel a lot better, and that's the main thing, right?

The ER doctor talked to Dr. New Jersey on the phone. I have an appointment with Dr. New Jersey tomorrow, but based on the relay of his conversation with the ER doc, I am not expecting it to be a very profitable appointment, but a necessary one nonetheless.

What Hannah Semi Colon felt like this morning
Please pray for my pain... it has flared up quite a bit and I need wisdom for how to best manage it...despite many interventions, I am losing significant sleep most nights due to pain and I am rather non-functional and miserable. None of the options (take more meds and continue to increase my already-sky-high tolerance, or don't take meds and be absolutely miserable and set off my autonomic nervous system issues) are great, and the alternative stuff I'm doing (an acupuncture/stim-type combo, gluten-free diet, Pilates, daily walks) just plain isn't helping.

Please also pray for me and my family: we are in serious need of wisdom as we try to make good decisions about my care. Please pray for Dr. New Jersey to truly listen to me tomorrow as I go in to hopefully get some answers about what we can do to fix my tummy and keep me outta the hospital!

Hannah ;)

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