Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dental Blessings, Part 2

I went back for round 2 of Operation Fix Hannah's Teeth. After my last visit where I used up the whole office's supply of numbing medicine, didn't get numb, then almost passed out and needed a ride home, I wasn't sure they'd still want me! If I were the dentist, I'd say, "Um, let's forget about that deal and have some other dentist take care of your, um, "special" dental needs." But no, as I walked in, seemed like the whole office was greeting me and genuinely glad to see me (maybe they were looking forward to seeing what would happen to me THIS time).

Thankfully, this time everything went off without a hitch. I got numb almost instantly with only a tiny dose of medicine, astounding Dr. Z. Go figure.

But it gets EVEN better.

At the end of my appointment, the sweet lady who had driven me home last time when I was smashed on novocaine walked in the room. She was bearing a huge box and a card. She started handing me the card, so I held it... there was some general hubbub, and I thought, "Oh, how sweet... it's someone's birthday and they're giving them a card and present..."

Um... the card and box were for ME and the box contained a brand-new juicer!

I was so confused! I mean, who in the world gets presents (besides toothbrushes and floss samples) from their dentist?!!? I was shocked speechless... again, "thank you" seemed so very inadequate...

Seems that when I was being driven home, the hygeinist was asking me about my liquid diet. She was asking the ins and outs of how I made sure I was getting good nutrition, and I mentioned that I use the blender an awful lot to make "blended soup", but I should really get a juicer to get more fruits and veggies in my diet. So... she went back to the office and got everyone together and they bought me a juicer.
WHO IN THE WORLD DOES THIS STUFF HAPPEN TO?? I am the most blessed person alive. God is so very, very good to me. And my dentist's office is quite obviously the best in the whole entire world. Sweet Dr. M and Dr. Z, and all the staff... how can I ever thank you?

I've been having some great adventures in juicing and enjoying tasty, refreshing, and nourishing juices! So yummy!

Yummy carrot juice!
Hannah ;)


  1. wow...such kindness, you really do deserve this. How amazing! Glad you have a lovely new juicer, I have a blender I use and make yummy shakes and soups to get the nutrition I need too. I always add manuka honey to my shakes too. Hope it helps you to feel stronger and healthier x

  2. Isn't it amazing?? I am too blessed. Just made more yummy carrot juice yesterday! Yay for blenders and juicers - staple kitchen appliances for us IBDers!
    Wanna know something crazy? When I was dealing with an open wound after I had my J pouch removed, one of the dressings we tried was infused with Manuka honey! It was quite sticky, as you might imagine. I dunno if it helped me any more or less than the other dressings (we tried just about everything under the sun, but that wound still took 9 months to heal), but apparently it's supposed to be very good for healing!
    Hope you're doing well, my friend!