Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Never Boring!

This is just a quick post to say that all is INNNNTERESTING as always in the life of Semi Colon. Two weeks ago, I started having a mild arthritis flare (fevers and chills every night, and a couple swollen, red joints in the morning). I also started having a pain flare... oh joy. I was taking my breakthrough pain meds... and they just weren't helping! Last Friday, I realized why. My pain medicine was not being absorbed (if you're wondering how I know I'm not absorbing them... I have an ileostomy bag... the pills are bright yellow... I'll let you piece together the rest). I started crushing the pills, but I still wasn't absorbing them.

A call to JP Dr led to the decision to bump up on steroids instead of down. A call to Jack Black the Pain Dr led to the decision that I needed to see him ASAP... which unfortunately wasn't until this Wednesday due to office closure.

Between last Friday and today, a lot happened.

There was lots of pain, little sleep, lots of dumping, little eating, lots of half-strength Gatorade with extra salt, calls to Jack Black's cell, trips to the pharmacy, an ER visit, innumerable unsuccessful attempts at an IV start, a superhero whose superpower is ultrasound ability to see veins and get IVs in them, an ER doctor who was very kind, a GOOD visit with Dr. House where we reached a truce and mutual respect and understanding for each other, a painful visit with Jack Black where we switched to a liquid form of medication, another new superhero who wears a pharmacist's white coat and comes in on his day off to special-order liquid medicine for Semi Colons, more dumping, more Gatorade, and finally.... less pain.

Currently, my stomach is not tolerating much more than clear liquids and everything is going through me at lightning speed despite my meds to slow everything down. Thankfully, I'm supposed to see Dr. FancyPants next week, so maybe he can work some magic and calm down my GI tract so the rest of my body can calm down as well.

I may blog in more detail about aspects of all this in the future.... but for today, that's all, folks!

Hannah ;)

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